Nancy Pelosi Turned Against Her Own Party Members

"Nancy Pelosi" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

The office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi denied shocking allegations made in a book that will be released next month, according to which Pelosi insulted two stalwarts of the progressive faction of the Democrat Party.

This revealed the infighting within the top ranks of the party once again.

Nancy Pelosi Insulted Leftist Lawmakers

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to bridge the gap between her and far-left lawmakers, as her office denied a book’s claim.

This book quoted Pelosi saying that Reps. Pramila Jayapal and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tried to be the “queen bee” of the radical left.

The spokesperson of Pelosi, Drew Hammil, told Fox News the Democrat Party made immense progress under the leadership of Pelosi. He further suggested the party unified with the common purpose of serving Americans under her tenure.

Hammil added many books would be written in the future that recall the unprecedented challenges being faced by the legislature in Pelosi’s era.

All of this came in response to shocking claims by Punchbowl News Friday, according to which Pelosi told one senior lawmaker that Hispanic and Asian immigrants are not with Democrats after the loose talk of socialism by many lawmakers.

Quoting the words of the book “This Will Not Pass,” Punchbowl mentioned many immigrants of the same communities are hardcore religious people and liberal Democrats offended them with their abortion politics.

The book further noted both Pramilia Jayapal and AOC tried to be the “queen bee” of progressives during the infrastructure and social spending legislation talks.

This could result in the Democrats’ House minority in the midterm elections.

It is pertinent to note the progressive faction of the Democrat Party became the major critic of the US Supreme Court when it was listening to the Roe v. Wade abortion case.

Reportedly, the too liberal stance of the Democrat Party is one of the reasons why many voters are getting alienated from them, which prompted Pelosi to issue such a statement.

Although Pelosi’s office tried to clear the dirt, the statement never said the quoted words in the book were false.

Pelosi Faced a Nightmare in Last Year’s Talks

Last year, Pelosi faced one of the biggest challenges of her career when Democrats’ infighting was at its peak. With the Biden agenda in the doldrums, Pelosi found it hard to tie all Democratic lawmakers together.

While Pelosi managed to pass the infrastructure bill from Congress, Biden’s spending spree is still a pipe dream, which progressive Democrats believe is a betrayal by the top party leadership.

This is the primary reason why many top progressives turned against Biden and predicted Republicans winning in the 2022 midterm elections.

Earlier in the negotiations, Pelosi sided with progressive lawmakers, claiming she would not support the infrastructure bill until the Build Back Better agenda was passed.

However, as the negotiations were pushed into a dead-end tunnel, Pelosi changed her stance and inclined toward moderates, helping them in passing the infrastructure bill.