Nancy Pelosi Issues Deranged Threat Against Trump in New Video

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a political insider of the worst kind. She changes her mask with the times as much as necessary, but underneath the costumes, Pelosi is interested in only one thing: power.

Wherever power seems to be, that’s where she shows up issuing crazed statements and consolidating her hold on the US political process.

Take the January 6, 2021 protests and riots, which the Democrats have milked and exploited beyond belief for almost two years now.

New video discovered from this event shows Pelosi threatening to assault President Trump. She does not appear to be joking.

Pelosi Threatens To Assault Trump

Pelosi was one of those who ignored Trump’s requests for more police and the National Guard to protect the Capitol as the protests got out of hand. She bears some responsibility for the violence that occurred.

However, video has turned up from the day of the riots in which Pelosi brags to her employees that she plans to “punch” Trump and knock him out if he sets foot on Capitol Hill.

Bragging about assaulting a sitting POTUS, the Speaker of the House then goes on to remark she’ll be “happy” if she ends up going to jail for hitting Trump.

What happened to the media’s idea of the Democrat Party and their precious “norms” and “civility?” So much for that nonsense! This is Pelosi getting excited about committing a crime against a sitting president.

Here’s the Ironic Thing

The ironic thing is Pelosi never got to act out her violent, deranged leftist fantasy because Trump’s plan to come to the Capitol didn’t happen.

When the crowds got out of hand, Trump’s plan to enter the Capitol didn’t happen for his own safety. If he had planned this “insurrection,” why would he not show up to try to throw the supposed “coup” and claim the presidency?

The ironic thing is Pelosi never got the chance to assault Trump because he wasn’t involved in the paranoid conspiracy theory that Pelosi and her witches coven cooked up in their political strategy meetings.

This video was put out by Pelosi’s own daughter, who makes documentaries, and was given to CNN. They’re proud of it because, as usual, there are no consequences for left-wing threats of violence and criminality.

Trump Subpoenaed

Trump has been issued a subpoena by the January 6 committee. He is expected to testify about his involvement or non-involvement in the events of that day.

Pelosi’s angry comments show they were genuinely furious at Trump, but they also show the delusional idea of the left that they can talk about assaulting a president physically in front of the whole country.

Imagine a white conservative bragging about wanting to hit Obama in the face during BLM riots.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.