Nancy Pelosi Begs For an Applause From a Quiet Audience

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked her audience to clap for her while she praised Biden at a White House inflation reduction party.

Democrats celebrated the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act with a so-called “inflation reduction” party on the day when stock markets crashed to a historic low.

Narcissistic Pelosi Asks People to Applaud Her Speech

On Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi was speaking at the inflation reduction party in the White House.

As she started praising Biden, the audience kept quiet and did not respond to her comments. Pelosi noted that she is thankful to Biden for uniting Americans and dreaming of a safer and stronger America.

When Pelosi saw complete silence in the crowd, she asked the audience if they were supposed to applaud her remarks.

After seeing Pelosi’s desperation, the audience started clapping. Pelosi continued that first lady Jill Biden was the only one applauding her remarks about Biden.

Further in her speech, Pelosi praised Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for passing the Inflation Reduction Act in the Senate. Schumer immediately interrupted Pelosi and asked people sarcastically to applaud him.

Fox News journalist Joe Concha slammed Pelosi for begging for applause. Concha noted Pelosi was acting as a stand-up comedian who asks their audience to laugh after telling them a joke.

Likewise, Concha claimed this was a Jeb Bush moment of Pelosi, referring to a 2016 campaign event when former Florida Governor Jeb Bush asked his audience to clap during his speech.

The White House is celebrating an inflation reduction party at a time when the country is grappling with surging inflation. So, Concha continued, the political elite is not worried about reality, which is urging them to celebrate an out-of-touch event.

Even liberal media outlets like CNN distanced themselves from Biden over the timing of the party. According to CNN, Biden is celebrating amid the nosediving stock market, which signifies the deteriorating health of the economy.

White House Celebrated Amid Stock Markets Crash

On the day when liberal politicians were busy throwing a party in the White House, Dow Industrial Average plummeted by almost 1,300 points. Nasdaq and S&P dipped by 5% and 4%, respectively.

Another CNN anchor, Victor Blackwell, noted the White House was celebrating on the same day when the August inflation report was released, according to which the consumer price index stood at 8.3% last month.

As inflation is not going down, the Federal Reserve is aiming to increase the interest rate further, which will eventually decrease economic activity in the country, Blackwell added.

Despite having dangerously high inflation, Biden downplayed August’s report, claiming the prices of most commodities have been stable for the last two months.

Even at the White House party, Biden touted that his law would reduce inflation, despite repeated assertions of economic experts that it would do nothing to bring prices down.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.