Mysterious Antennas Have Utah Officials Worried About Who’s Behind Them

About a year ago, residents of Utah began to notice the presence of strange antennas scattered around the state.

What they found were some kind of machines containing a fiberglass antenna and also an internal battery powered by solar panels.

These have been found throughout remote regions of the state on state land, including very mountainous areas.

Who left them there and why? Under what authority were they placed there, especially since it’s illegal to place these on state land? The questions are starting to grow as the case gets stranger.

Authorities Respond

So far, local authorities have identified 12 units of these antennas and destroyed them. No one has any idea what they are or who installed them around this state. This has caused some discomfort for authorities and residents of Utah.

What is the true intention of these antennas? What kind of data are they collecting and why in Utah? Questions continue to generate insecurity and concern about what’s behind these antennas and why.

For one thing, how was it possible to install these antennas, illegally, without anyone seeing them? The removal of one of these antennas was so difficult that it took the strength of five men to achieve the feat.

It is common knowledge that installing anything on public roads without authorization is a violation of the law.

Where are the Antennas?

Some antennas have been installed in hard-to-reach places on extremely high and steep peaks in Utah.

Salt Lake City Recreational Trails Manager Tyler Fonarrow said when he and his team found some antennas, their first reaction was to remove them without even waiting to check what they were exactly.

After all, none of them contained any identifying stamps. Fonarrow said he was impressed with how people were able to install the antennas in tight, hard-to-reach places.

He believes they are people working together to install the antennas. Fonarrow said one person acted alone, but it would take a lot of time and effort; so he believes it is about people and not just an individual in question.

One of Fonarrow’s first suspicions, what the antennas are all about, was that the antennas would be a kind of signal amplifier for cell phones, but other theories have speculated they are related to some kind of cryptocurrency scheme.

It’s also the case that Utah contains a massive NSA data center in its remote regions and it seems possible these could be related to that venture.

The Bottom Line

Protecting privacy is becoming harder and harder in our modern age.

It’s also the case that technology is accelerating so rapidly we often can’t be sure of exactly what some technology out there is being used for or by who!

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.