Murder of 3,000 Girls Stopped at the Last Moment

The Department of Justice (DOJ) found that a self-proclaimed “incel” wanted to kill almost 3,000 women, particularly sorority girls, in an Ohio University massacre.

Tres Genco, a 22-year-old Ohio man, plotted the massacre and wrote a violent manifesto in which he penned his dangerous ambitions. He has now pleaded guilty to attempting to kill 3,000 women.

Biggest Massacre in History Stopped

In his manifesto, Genco stated he wanted to kill girls because he had a deep hatred for them; so he planned to equalize things out of jealousy.

The DOJ also recovered another writing from Genco in which he mentioned he was trying to “aim big” by killing at least 3,000 people.

After writing his manifesto, Genco searched for sororities online and gathered information about Ohio University, where he wanted to kill the girls.

Likewise, the potential criminal purchased bulletproof jackets, knives, face masks, gloves, Glock 17 magazines, and some firearms which could be used for conducting the massacre.

According to the US attorney general for the Southern District of Ohio, Kenneth L. Parker, local and federal law enforcement agencies prevented a dangerous mass shooting.

Parker also added that gender-based hatred has no place in the United States, so law enforcement agencies will continue working to stop these kinds of episodes.

In addition to that, Kristen Clark, who is the assistant attorney general in the civil rights division of the DOJ, claimed people like Genco have no place in America. She also stated the DOJ would keep on prosecuting all gender-based hate crimes.

Genco Can be Jailed for Life

Reportedly, Genco had various profiles on one of the famous incel websites, where he published hundreds of posts between July 2019 and March 2020.

In one of the posts, he described how to spray orange juice on couples and individual women using water guns, adding that doing this is an empowering action for men.

The DOJ revealed that another person, incel Elliot Rodger, who killed six people in a 2014 mass shooting, also used to spray orange juice on others.

Genco was arrested in March 2020 when someone informed the police about his potential ambitions to conduct a massacre.

Anneka Collins, the prosecutor of the county where Genco was arrested, said local law enforcement agencies contacted the FBI after finding Genco’s manifesto and different firearms from his place.

Meanwhile, the DOJ also found Genco received army training in 2019, but he was discharged from the military for failing in entry-level performances.

He already pleaded guilty to attempting hate crimes. Now, Genco can get life in prison, as he faces the charges of plotting a massacre.

Incels are a group of online communities where some men blame women for their own sexual inactivity. These groups are known for their violent behavior against women and often seek revenge on women.