MSNBC Host Called the Border Crisis “Nonexistent”

MSNBC host Joy Reid called the border crisis “nonexistent”. She also scolded Republican Governor Kristi Noem for deploying the National Guard to Texas to help assist the border crisis. 

On Thursday, Reid slammed South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem; this occurred after Noem announced that she was joining other Republican governors who decided to deploy National Guard members to Texas, amid the apparent lack of urgency from the Biden administration to suppress the surge of migrants crossing the border. 

Reid called Noem the “absolute worst” and DeSantis a “sycophant”

Reid also named Noem as “inaugural absolute worst”, claiming that Noem is “jealous” of the attention that Republican Governors Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis are receiving. Apparently, Reid believes this is why Noem is also sending South Dakota National Guard troops  to the southern border. 

The MSNBC host also called DeSantis and the governors of Iowa and Nebraska, “sycophants” in sending aid to the border. 

Reid later mentioned that there are 50 National Guard troops that are deployed at the border in response to Abbott’s plea for greater border security for the “nonexistent crisis”.

On top of this Reid also accused Noem’s announcement as a “word salad” of “Republican talking points.” She challenged the South Dakota governor’s statement, noting that her message to Texas is that “help is on the way.”

Reid also mocked the South Dakota governor, saying that Noem’s actual message is that she is “running for president in 2024”. The MSNBC host then added that this is how Noem will gain the MAGA crowd and tick the box on immigration “fearmongering” in order to compete with Abbott and DeSantis.

The liberal MSNBC host then turned the attention to how the deployment of South Dakota National Guard is funded by a “private” donor, Republican billionaire Willis Johnson.

Reid exclaimed that a wealthy political donor paying for the National Guard to be deployed on a military mission has political motives; then, she opined that is not for the best interest of the people in South Dakota. She furthermore called Noem’s decision “political theater.”

The liberal host then continued, saying that the South Dakota governor is the “absolute worst” for offering help to Texas and sending the South Dakota National Guard to aid the border crisis.

Noem: the Biden administration is not doing their job in securing the border

On the other hand, Noem answered back and stated that securing the American border is the responsibility of the federal government.

However, at present, the Biden administration is not doing their job. Noem added that we know there are dangerous people crossing the U.S. border.

Noem also remarked that there is rampant transportation of drugs and human trafficking going on in the country. She added that the governors of Arizona and Texas asked for help and that is why she is sending the South Dakota National Guard.

The South Dakota governor also mentioned that when the governors of Texas and Arizona requested help from her, she started running the protocol, asking if they have volunteers from the National Guard who is willing to do the mission.

Finally, Noem added that she had more numbers than she anticipated.