More US Lawmakers Visited Taiwan Despite Tensions

Less than two weeks after Nancy Pelosi’s controversial visit to Taiwan, another group of US lawmakers landed on the island on Sunday.

Democratic Senator Ed Markey led a congressional delegation of five lawmakers, including Republican Congresswoman Amata Coleman Radewagen and Democratic House members John Garamendi, Don Beyer, and Alan Lowenthal.

Congressional Delegation Landed in Taiwan

The congressional group is likely to meet the president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, despite China’s aggressive response to Pelosi’s visit. This led to unprecedented naval exercises by the communist nation in the waters surrounding Taiwan.

Apart from that, the congressional delegation is also scheduled to meet senior Taiwanese lawmakers to discuss opportunities in regional security, trade, and investment.

The US official stance toward the independence of Taiwan did not change.

However, Taiwan’s presidential office noted US lawmakers visiting Taiwan, even in the wake of heightened military buildup in the region, depicts America’s firm resolve to stand by the island in tough times.

Responding to the visit, the Chinese embassy in Washington released a statement, asserting US lawmakers need to comply with the One-China policy of America, which does not recognize Taiwan as an independent country.

According to the Chinese embassy, the US is intentionally diverting from the one-China policy, which suggests it does not want to see stability in the region.

By interfering in China’s internal affairs, the US wants to confront China which will make regional stability around Taiwan impossible, the statement added.

“The White House” by Radek Kucharski

However, the White House dismissed these concerns immediately.

As per the statement released by the White House National Security Council, American lawmakers have consistently traveled to Taiwan in the past; they will continue to do so.

Furthermore, the White House added the lawmakers’ visit to Taiwan does not oppose America’s stance on the one-China policy. Under the One-China policy, the United States does not maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

Although America remains silent on whether it accepts Taiwan as an independent country, it is bound to help Taiwan with any military equipment needed for defense purposes against the military ambitions of China.

Chinese Jets Continued Violating Taiwan’s Airspace

While Pelosi’s visit drew more ire from China, and the communist country started military preparations ahead of the House Speaker’s trip, this time, the Chinese response was not too aggressive.

However, some fighter jets of China continued to violate the airspace of Taiwan on Sunday even though their formal military exercises already ended on Wednesday.

Reportedly, six ships and 22 military aircraft of China, including ten fighter jets, were detected near Taiwan before the landing of the US lawmakers.

China believes the United States is empowering the separatist movements in Taiwan by selling western military machinery to the government of the island.

However, the US claims even though it does not support the independence of Taiwan, the geographical differences should be resolved through peaceful means and not war.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.