More Mandates: Freedom Under Threat

Americans’ freedom is again under threat as cities have started bringing mask mandates back.

These mandates are likely to stick for a while, and COVID restrictions can even extend further in the upcoming days. 

Major US City Reinstates Mask Mandate

On Monday, Philadelphia officials announced the omicron BA. 2 variant is increasingly impacting people in the city, so they are imposing the indoor mask mandate once again.

According to the health commissioner of Philadelphia, Dr. Cheryl Bettigole, the subvariant of omicron is increasing COVID cases in Europe, as well as in America; so making this decision is mandatory.


This seems to be the pre-emptive measure of the health commissioner to tackle any sort of incoming COVID wave.

Although she acknowledged the current number of COVID cases is very low, compared to what the city was reporting at the start of this year, she added this is our time to “get ahead of the pandemic.” 

The commissioner also claimed if the government fails to act at this very moment, the rising cases of COVID will gain momentum soon. 

While different state governments started rolling back these mandates earlier this year, Philadelphia became the first major city that is reimplementing this policy.

It is crucial to mention this measure of the Philadelphia administration is against the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which suggests wearing a mask in cities with low transmission rates is a personal choice. 

CDC puts Philadelphia risk transmission at a low level, rendering the mass mandate illegal.

Currently, the city is reporting 100-225 new cases of the virus per day, which prompted the administration to introduce the mask mandates again.

If these numbers rise above 225 per day, a negative COVID test or a mandatory vaccination card will be required to enter bars and restaurants.

The mayor of the city, Jim Kenney, backed the decision, stating people could still visit everything just by wearing masks.

As per the mayor, the system of Philadelphia guarantees the response of the government to the pandemic is transparent and predictable.

New COVID Restrictions Are on Their Way

According to the CDC data, the latest seven-day average of COVID positivity in the country is 26,000, which is exponentially low compared to the all-time high average of 806,739 in mid-January. 

This came at a time when Dr. Fauci already indicated new COVID restrictions could be on their way soon if cases continue to rise.

Thus, the CDC is also likely to change its policy in the upcoming days.

Just last month, Biden sold a popular narrative that Americans can now finally be mask free. He stated the pandemic no longer controls the lives of Americans, so people can become maskless everywhere in the country.

Reportedly, the mandate will be enforced from next Monday, as education campaigns will be run in the current week.