More Billons For Ukraine! How Much Longer Will This Continue?

On August 24, President Joe Biden declared the US government will continue to support Ukraine with an additional $3 billion.

Joe Biden noted in a statement, “the United States of America is dedicated to assisting the people of Ukraine as they pursue the battle to maintain their sovereignty.”

According to him, Ukraine will be able to purchase defense systems, artillery mechanisms, radar systems, and other heavy weaponry with the $3 billion.

The funds come from aid agreements that Congress authorized, including a $40 billion agreement that Biden signed in May.

In February, Russia attacked Ukraine

On the anniversary of Ukraine’s freedom, Biden made the declaration. In 1991, Ukraine gained its independence. It once belonged to the Soviet Union.

“I know for many Ukrainians, this freedom day is bittersweet because of the thousands of people who have been murdered or injured by Russian atrocities and attacks, as well as the millions who have been forced to leave their homes.”

“However, six months of nonstop attacks have only boosted Ukrainians’ pride in their nation, self, and their 31 years of freedom,” according to Biden.

“Today and each day, we unite with the Ukrainian people to declare the torch of liberty that enlightens the spirits of free people worldwide is stronger than the darkness that fuels despotism.”

“For many years to come, the United States, especially patriotic Ukrainian-Americans, looks forward to celebrating Ukraine as a political, independent, thriving state.”

Prior to Biden’s declaration, the US already made a $10.6 billion commitment to Ukraine, including a $775 million bundle revealed on August 19.

Some members of Congress in the US favor keeping up aid to Ukraine.

Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen said in a statement, “assembling a long-term military posture to preserve Ukraine’s people and integrity is crucial amid Russia’s intensifying strikes on Ukrainian residents.”

Some members of Congress, on the other hand, do not favor continuing to send aid to Ukraine.

Other nations

This week, nations other than the United States also committed to providing further help to Ukraine.

According to a report by Deutsche Welle, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz claimed Germany will deliver $499 million worth of armaments to Ukraine. Germany already delivered a large amount of material, including thousands of anti-tank guns.

Likewise, Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, said his country will provide an additional $3.8 million in help, including money for the Canada-Ukraine Police Project.

Scholz was in the country, as well. “Canada and Germany are still working together to help Ukraine.”

In a statement, Trudeau said, “Both nations reiterated our common commitment to supporting the complete recovery of Ukraine’s independence, national sovereignty, and independence.”

“We will continue to speak up for and protect the peace, safety, civil rights, and the rule of law in concert with our friends and allies.”

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.