Mitch McConnell Pledged Against Backing Democrats’ New Voting Bill

Mitch McConnell vowed to stop the so-called voting rights legislation from moving forward; this comes as Democrats are trying to extend their voter fraud agenda in the United States.

McConnell: legislation is more “drama” from the Democrat Party

The Senate Minority Leader said the Freedom to Vote Act is yet another show of drama from Democrats introducing the same sorts of bills again and again. Likewise, McConnell stated this is an outright effort of a partisan power grab Chuck Schumer (the Senate Majority Leader) and his colleagues are trying to promote in the US.

McConnell further noted it is an effort of anti-democratic, far-left hysteria groups against the United States. He said micromanaging elections in America will lead Democrats nowhere.

The GOP leader evinced Republicans have shown in the past when actual problems occur, they are solved through bipartisan means, not naked power grabs which Democrats want to extend in the country. 

McConnell said Democrats are worried about their re-elections; therefore, they are trying to rewrite election laws altogether. He noted Democrats know voters are not happy with them, which is the product of their faulty spending policies.

Likewise, McConnell added the national crises are inflicting misery on people’s lives and their families; therefore, voters are going to teach Democrats some lessons in the upcoming midterm elections.

The GOP leader advised Democrats instead of rewriting the laws and rigging the elections, the ruling party should rethink their policies and help Americans, instead of introducing pro-China policy measures.

Schumer trying to kill the Senate filibuster, but is bound to fail

Chuck Schumer claimed to have the support of all 50 Democrat senators (including Joe Manchin, who was resisting Democrats’ other voting rights bills). The majority leader noted Democrats are seeking to build national standards on voting rights to give voting access to every American.

On the one hand, Schumer also blamed Republicans for promoting so-called voter suppression bills in their states; however, Schumer is also asking Republicans for their votes in favor of the new bill.

This is not the first time Chuck Schumer blamed Republicans and asked for their support at the same time. Schumer scolded Republicans after getting their votes on extending the debt limit as well, which sparked anger in Republican lawmakers.

Meanwhile, the bill is bound to fail in the Senate, as no Republican is supporting it; therefore, it will be stopped with the filibuster.

Even Democrats know Republicans will filibuster the bill; so Chuck Schumer is asking his colleagues to eliminate the filibuster itself, a demand which is highly likely to be ignored by Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

The proposed measure is trying to enable automatic and same-day voter registration mechanisms, making Election Day a public holiday and starting early voting at least two weeks before actual elections. The Senate will convene on Wednesday to vote for this legislation.