Missouri School Massacre Caused Multiple Casualties

Two people, including a student and a teacher, were killed in a mass shooting episode at a Missouri school on Monday.

According to the reports, a 19-year-old male shooter invaded the Central Visual & Performing Arts High School in St. Louis, Missouri, around 9 am.

School Massacre in Missouri

Students who were present at the time of the shooting told the local media outlet, KSDK-TV, that the suspect fired at the teacher after entering the classroom, who fell to the floor immediately.

After that, the murderer shot some of the students before his weapon got jammed, which avoided more casualties. Once the shooter was unable to use his weapon anymore, he left the classroom while students started jumping out of the classroom’s window.

Seven people were shifted to a nearby hospital after the massacre.

Reportedly, a female health teacher, Jean Kuczka, stood in front of the shooter to stop him from killing the children, which urged the shooter to take her down.

While speaking to the media, Kuczka’s daughter, Abigail Kuczk, stated her mother loved all of her students and that is why she wanted to save their lives.

Likewise, Abigail asserted all of the students used to treat Kuczka as their mother, since most of them were suffering in their personal lives.

During the massacre, the principal of the school took the loudspeaker and said the code words, which meant an active shooter was present in the school.

Police Neutralized the Shooter Within Minutes

At the time of the shooting, the school was protected by seven security guards stationed at different doors. All the doors of the schools were locked; so it still remains uncertain how the shooter entered the building while avoiding security.

St. Louis Police Commissioner Mike Sack claimed police reached the incident within minutes of the complaint and killed the gunman. Sack further noted the police, security staff, and families of the victims would continue suffering from the trauma for a long time.

David Williams, the math teacher at the school, said that he heard the shooter yelling all “f–king” students would die today.

One student, Keyshawn Brooks, told the media the shooter fired at one teacher and three students after entering the classroom.

Another student, Taniya Gholston, noted she had brief eye-to-eye contact with the shooter, but she managed to escape since the weapon of the shooter stopped working. The shooter also yelled that he was tired of the school, Gholston added.

Meanwhile, students who were present in other classrooms at the time of the shooting also recalled the haunting event.

One student, Nylah Jones, stated she was attending a math class when she heard gunshots. After that, all the students in the classroom gathered in one corner of the room.