Missouri Democrats Trash State Legislature’s Attire Regulations

Across the nation, divisions continue to rise between the left and the right.

Many on the left accuse their political opponents of being fascists, opposed to democracy, and otherwise dangerous. At the same time, a fair amount of folks on the right warn that the left is hurting children and ripping apart society for the sake of being woke.

In any event, there’s no sign of this polarization dying down anytime soon. In the midst of all this, new developments in Missouri have led to a deeper wedge being driven between Republicans and Democrats.

This time, it deals with attire regulations in the Missouri House of Representatives, per the New York Post.

A Closer Look at the Situation

In the Missouri state legislature, male lawmakers have a dress code that mandates wearing clothes and shoes that fall under the umbrella of business attire.

Rules for female lawmakers in the Missouri legislature were updated in order for them to be able to wear cardigans on the House floor, along with traditional business attire.

However, the update was rapidly branded as sexist by Democrats. Critics on social media trashed the measure as a “Christian Taliban” coming for the rights of women.

Before the attire rules change was made in the Missouri state legislature, female lawmakers weren’t permitted to wear cardigans on the House floor. Therefore, the update actually means a less strict dress code for female lawmakers.

Nevertheless, Democrats continue to allege otherwise, accusing GOP lawmakers in Missouri of seeking to restrict women’s rights.

Pushback From Republicans

On social media, Republicans have been pointing out that Missouri’s dress code for lawmakers is not about infringing on the rights of female legislators. Like women in the legislature, men too remain subjected to dress code rules.

Unfortunately, though, the headline-gripping claims are ones accusing Missouri Republicans of sexism and misogyny.

This latest hit job on the GOP is par for the course in today’s politics. Even if an official retraction is eventually made, it’s unlikely to ever garner the same press as the initial, misleading claims.

This year, state legislatures across the nation are expected to take up various issues that matter in Americans’ lives. Given how things are currently starting off, more division between lawmakers on the left and the right can be expected.

Unfortunately, this makes it harder for lawmakers to truly reach common ground and do the jobs they were elected to do.

What do you think about Democrats’ reactions to dress code updates made by Republicans in the Missouri state legislature? Do you think the incorrect allegations about these changes are ever going to be properly reported?

You can let us know your predictions and thoughts about this in the comments area below.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.