Misinformed Liberal Analyst Appointed as a Top Intelligence Officer

Joe Biden is ready to reward liberal political analysts who helped him in winning the presidential election with important positions in the White House.

Late last week, the White House issued a press release to announce the appointment of a misinformed MSNBC analyst. He claimed to the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board that Hunter Biden’s laptop story was Russian disinformation.

Biden Rewards Liberal Political Analysts

According to the White House, Jeremy Bash will serve on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board. Apart from being a host at MSNBC, Bash previously served as the chief of staff at the CIA during the Obama administration.

In October 2020, when the New York Post broke the story of Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings overseas, Bash joined 50 former intelligence officials, signing an open letter that mentioned Hunter’s laptop was a part of a Russian disinformation campaign intended to win the presidency for Trump.

Likewise, the letter added no foreign government should determine the outcome of the US presidential elections and Americans should have the sole authority to elect their officials.

Furthermore, the letter noted all signatories respect the Founding Fathers’ concerns, as they also wanted to save American democracy from the intervention of foreign governments.

While the letter acknowledged former intelligence officials had no proof of the authenticity of their claims, they suggested the content of Hunter Biden’s story had all the elements present in the Russian disinformation campaign.

As the letter was released right before the 2020 presidential election, many close aides of then-candidate Biden started campaigning on it.

Even Jen Psaki, who ended up occupying the office of White House press secretary, criticized Republicans for relying on Russian propaganda to win elections.

Bash Used MSNBC to Defend Hunter Biden

Though this was not the only time Bash denounced Hunter Biden’s story.

In fact, he used MSNBC to amplify his lies; he continued labeling Hunter’s story as a Russian disinformation campaign during his appearances on the liberal media outlet.

This move of Biden came at a time when Hunter’s laptop was making headlines on almost all national television channels.

The President’s Intelligence Advisory Board is responsible for advising the president on matters of national intelligence. These matters include the role of foreign governments in dismantling the interests of the United States.

(“Laptop from hell” footage snapshot)

Critics suggest Bash, who was unable to access the authenticity of Hunter’s laptop and took a partisan stance on the issue, may not be able to serve the best interests of the United States in his new job at the White House.

Fox News tried to reach MSNBC to ask if Bash would continue his role as a political analyst on the news network. MSNBC did not respond to the query.

If Bash continues his job at the liberal media outlet, he is expected to run into a conflict of interest.