Millions Rush to Get Out of Path of Hurricane Ian as Emergency Evacuations Ramp Up

Tropical storm Ian has already turned into Hurricane Ian and is bearing down quickly on Florida.

There is now a federal state of emergency declared for the disaster and this force of nature is already stirring up high winds and causing mass evacuations.

As of Wednesday, Ian has already arrived on Florida’s Gulf Coast. It is rapidly gaining strength and causing panic among some in the Sunshine State.

The Current Situation in Florida

Many supermarkets already have empty shelves in Florida; millions already had to evacuate their homes. So far, an estimated 2.5 million Floridians had to leave their homes in order to avoid the path of this huge Category 4 hurricane.

Millions of people are now staying in shelters; others have reinforced their residences in order to offset the high winds and lashing rains that are coming.

At this point, Ian has already reached winds of up to 150 miles per hour and the situation across the state is on full alert.

Florida emergency director Kevin Guthrie says the hurricane is already causing numerous power outrages; several additional tornadoes have also formed as a result of it.

During a press conference on early Wednesday, Guthrie told those who are remaining in their houses to take simple precautions, including having food and water stored and staying away from windows.

DeSantis Warns Residents Who Can’t Evacuate

Not everyone has time to evacuate at this point, as the storm is approaching so rapidly.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis cautioned residents of the Sarasota, Charlotte, and Collier regions to stay safe inside their homes since they have mainly been unable to evacuate.

DeSantis said the priority now is to shelter in place and stay away from the storm as much as possible.

Those who live along the coastal areas of Florida have been warned to evacuate as soon as possible and to seek shelter on higher terrain; although not everyone is listening.

FEMA Director Deanne Criswell said they are concerned some people are choosing to stay at home even in coastal areas and warned people should take Ian very seriously.

According to Criswell, Ian is expected to cause the worst damage in a century. It may be the most costly hurricane in the history of the state of Florida. Let’s hope it’s not also the deadliest.

Be Prepared

Florida airports are closed and schools have been turned into shelters.

Flights that would cross the hurricane path are also all cancelled. At the same time, water is sold out in most stores. The energy industry is also preparing for danger as oil refineries and facilities are also under threat.

The storm’s damage is expected to reach up to $60 billion. Pray for Florida and if you live in Florida, stay safe!

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.