Mike Pence Slams Media for the Handling of Hunter’s Laptop Story

In a recent exclusive interview on Newsmax, former Vice President Mike Pence touched on the matter of the Hunter Biden laptop incident. This happened during Biden’s presidential campaign and the poor media coverage, or lack thereof.

From the moment the story popped up, major social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook were censoring it to no end; anyone uttering a word about it received a warning or a ban.

Pence calls the Hunter Biden laptop story a disgrace to modern media

Pence added the way left-leaning media handled the story in the fall of 2020 was a “disgrace” and it was clear to anyone with a sharp enough mind that there was no “Russian misinformation” at play.

The interview came as Pence appeared on Newsmax’s The Record with Greta Van Susteren to promote his latest book, titled “So Help Me God.” This is an autobiography with a small insight into his work alongside former President Donald Trump.

Every major news organization under the sun suppressed the story, pushing the FBI’s narrative that all of the data on the laptop was planted there by the Russians.

This was only for all of it to be confirmed a year and a half later when it would have no impact on Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

The fact they managed to get away with this without any damage to either Joe’s or Hunter’s reputation is absolutely ridiculous, especially seeing as the smear campaigns against Trump have continued to this day.

Time to get the US back on its feet

Pence went on to endorse a House Republican investigation into the contents of the infamous laptop, as well as determining whether any laws were broken by the parties involved in the initial handling of the data stored on it.

Shifting away from the topic, the former vice president stated Congress would do well to start asking the real questions. That’s whether it’s about Hunter’s laptop, the woke policies Biden put into place, or the 40-year-high inflation rates and out-of-control border situation.

The US has become the shadow of the country it once was in just two years’ time. Biden is leading us down a chasm of his own volition, knowing that there’s no legitimate way out.

It’s almost as if Biden is aware he’s not going to be reelected in 2024. He’s doing his best to “go out with a bang.” Even though this is nothing more than speculation, it’s evident that he’s got his priorities mixed up.

The House of Representatives should be pushing policies to revive our crumbling economy and secure our border, not ones that cater to small minority groups who barely even contribute to this country’s workforce.

America has the strength necessary to be energy independent. All it needs is a small push; although we’re not going to get there if we continue disregarding the truth as we did back in 2020 with the asspull the Democrats did.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.