Mike Lindell ‘Humiliated’ Voluntarily by Jimmy Kimmel with Claw Machine Appearance

Pillow tycoon Mike Lindell has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show while inside a claw machine. He said in advance that he would agree to be “humiliated” like that for the sake of “saving” America.

Arcade Claw Machine Appearance

The CEO of My Pillow promotes claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen by Joe Biden and the Democrats. He has been feuding with the host of the ABC News program “Jimmy Kimmel Live” since the spring of 2021.

In April 2021, Kimmel argued that the pillow magnate might be “self-destructive” because he was formerly addicted to drugs and didn’t want to get vaccinated. On Tuesday, the My Pillow CEO again appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but this time, he was stuck inside an arcade claw machine.

Even though Lindell was laughing most of the time, he accused Kimmel of putting him inside the claw machine to make fun of him and not because, as he had told him earlier, the pillow tycoon was unvaccinated.

“You tricked me,” Lindell stated, as cited by USA Today.

Kimmer responded when the two of them were discussing Lindell’s appearance on the show, he said the latter should be inside a claw machine – but he wasn’t sure why he had insisted on that.

The talk show host stressed, however, that he was “shocked” Lindell had agreed to do it.

Lindell’s appearance on Kimmel’s show comes days after he ran to become the new chairman of the Republican National Committee. However, he lost by a massive margin to incumbent Ronna McDaniel.

Kimmel Wants Lindell ‘Committed’

During Lindell’s claw machine appearance, Kimmel lambasted him for not giving up on his claims the Democrats and Sleepy Joe stole the 2020 presidential election.

The My Pillow CEO responded that he would never renounce those allegations, as his main goal was to “help save” America and the American people. He insisted that the United States should “get rid” of computers in federal elections so as to guarantee there could be no hacking as a means of electoral fraud.

Kimmel, in turn, insisted that Lindell’s bemoaning of voting machines and computerized vote tabulation was an excuse “for losing” elections on the part of the Republicans.

The talk show host, who at one point surprised Lindell by bringing on stage a doppelganger of his, declared the pillow magnate was “definitely committed” to his cause but that he should also “be committed.”

Prior to Tuesday night’s show, in a video on Monday, Lindell declared he was okay with getting “humiliated” with the claw machine appearance as long as that gave him a chance to talk and “save our country.”

He stated he expected to be put in a “rigged” claw machine, a reference to the rigged 2020 election claims that he has insisted on. 

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.