Mighty Blow for Democrats Prior to Midterm Elections

The latest polls have portrayed a sorrowful picture of the future for Democrats as they head toward the midterm elections.

As per the polls, inflation is the biggest concern for Americans. Republicans’ popularity is surging, compared to Democrats.

Inflation is the Biggest Point of Concern For Americans

According to the latest survey published by Gallup, almost 17 percent of Americans believe inflation is the biggest worry for them. This was a significant rise, compared to January and February, when eight and ten percent of Americans believed the same, respectively.

Similarly, 59 percent of Americans claimed they are extremely worried about the cost of living. Reportedly, 1,017 people participated in the polls.


As expected, low-income families are impacted the most, due to the rising inflation.

63 percent of families with an annual income of $40,000 to $100,000 showed their concerns, compared to 58 percent of families with an income of more than $100,000 regarding chronic inflation.

However, Democratic voters still seemed unmoved, as only 35 percent of them had worries about the price hike. 

As per Gallup, inflation has become the top issue for Americans after more than three decades, which is shaking the confidence of people in the American economy.

Earlier this month, the Labor Department suggested prices rose by 7.9 percent in the month of February alone, which was the highest single-month rise since January 1982.

Democrats have often built a narrative that the supply chain crisis and pandemic-related disruptions are the primary causes of inflation. 

However, there is ample evidence that all of this is happening as Biden implements his socialist agenda, which has poured big money into the economy.

Over time, the Biden administration claimed the rise in inflation is momentary, saying it would be averted once supply chain bottlenecks ease. 

However, much of the COVID restrictions have been eliminated; supply chain crises have started easing without bringing the prices down in America.

Democrats Take Popularity Hit in the Latest Polls

As per NBC News, 46 percent of voters suggested they wanted a Republican-controlled Congress. Contrary to this, only 44 percent backed a Democratic majority in the legislature.

These numbers resonate with other such surveys, as well.

When respondents were asked whether they would prefer to vote for an unnamed Republican or Democrat, the GOP had more than a three percentage point advantage over Democrats, as per the results of many polls compiled by Real Clear Politics.

Democrats are facing yet another problem of low voter enthusiasm, which could push them into further trouble.

According to Fox News polls, eight percent more Republican voters than Democrats noted they were interested in the upcoming midterm elections.

Voter apathy is one of the serious problems being faced by political parties in any midterm election. At a time when the Democrats’ congressional majorities are at stake, this voter alienation can hurt the party when it matters the most.