Midterm Madness: The Race is On and Biden is Panicking

The midterms are only a few days away and the Democrat Party is going berserk. They’re way down in the polls and scrambling to save a sinking ship.

In addition to sending out Barack Obama and other stars, Joe Biden himself has been hitting the campaign trail trying to salvage what’s left of a number of key races.

Here’s the Deal…

Biden is the president. He has a role to be the face of the party, like it or not. In many cases, he’s likely doing more harm than good to various places, but he still has some star power and is trying to rescue several races.

He recently claimed to be feeling very “good” about how things are looking ahead of the midterms.

Biden made the comments while in the Chicago suburbs backing Congresswoman Lauren Underwood and Congressman Sean Casten, both of whom are going up against Republican challengers who gained way more momentum than expected.

Casten is in an especially bad position, being outspent by massive ad buys by his Republican opponent. Casten is far from a sure bet. Biden only took his district by 11% in 2020.

He stands a good chance of losing; so does Underwood, who Biden called a “champion” who will stand up for Illinois families.

What’s Really Going On Here?

What’s really going on here is Biden is trying to rewrite his record. He wants to say he’s saved America, rescued democracy, and standing up for families.

He wants to fearmonger that if the GOP wins, it will be a horrible two years and fascism will come to America. He’s trying to bail out people like Casten and Underwood because they’re members of the same sinking party as him.

They’re subject to all the same pressures as Biden, including the intense inflation that’s now gripping the nation and the disorder of a massive war over in Europe between Ukraine and Russia.

Biden knows this; he knows his record made him massively unpopular. That’s why he’s trying to stoke fear and back up anyone who’s in trouble.

The GOP this year is very well funded and a well organized machine. They’re doing very well in polls, hitting many purple districts with huge ad buys that could well swing the tide in their favor.

Sending Joe Biden to try to shore up support and convince people things are fine shows just how desperate the Democrats are. So did Barack Obama’s recent bizarre TikTok video.

It’s time to see through these paper tigers. Democrats may have spied on and sabotaged Trump and try to undermine America every chance they get, but they should never be overestimated.

They don’t have what it takes to pull the wool over our eyes this time around.

The Bottom Line

The Democrats are in trouble and a red wave is coming.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.