Meta Does Everything in Its Power to Discredit Former President Donald Trump

"GROUND ZERO NEW YORK 9-11" by Eric Salard

For the 21st anniversary of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, Jack Posobiec posted a photo of Donald Trump at Ground Zero in 2001.

Despite there being numerous interviews with the former president at the site, Instagram decided to slap not one, but two fact-checks onto the post.

Both of them claim the post is missing context and there is no evidence Trump was either present or that he’d assisted in searching for survivors in the WTC wreckage.

“Trump, Pentagon leaders honor 9/11 victims” by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Honoring those who died in the tragic event of 9/11

Posobiec’s only comment on the matter was that Trump decided to go even if no one told him to.

Even though no other claims aside from Trump being present at Ground Zero were made, it seems that Meta algorithms are looking to discredit the icon of the MAGA movement.

Opening up the fact-check prompt on Instagram presents users with a double fact-check. LeadStories stated their “missing context” claim is due to there being no evidence of Trump paying hundreds of workers to assist in the search for survivors.

Hilariously enough, no such claims are made anywhere in the post, by Posobiec or any of the commenters, with the only actual claim being Trump was there, which, as can be seen by the photo, is true.

The second fact-check, done by Snopes, states the post is “partially false”, referring to the same claims LeadStories made, which, once again, have nothing to do with Posobiec’s post.

The left knows no bounds

However, after a deeper dive into what actually happened at Ground Zero, one can find dozens of interviews with Trump, on-site, stating there are hundreds of his men doing their best to find any survivors.

Additionally, the former president added he doesn’t consider himself a first responder, but he’s still proud he was at Ground Zero, offering support to those damaged by the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

At a 2016 event in Buffalo, NY, Trump reminisced on the tragic event, thanking everyone who helped clear the rubble and save as many lives as they could.

Trump added that he wishes he could’ve helped more at the time and praised the brave Americans who risked their lives to save those of others.

Back in 2001, Trump was still a private citizen and a native New Yorker.

This practically gave him no motivation to lie about his presence at 9/11 Ground Zero back then, or now, for that matter.

While it’s certain the left is doing everything in their power to discredit Trump, and with him, the entirety of the GOP ahead of the midterm elections, doing so on the anniversary of such an important event in US history is nothing short of disgusting.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.