Media Cover-up of Hunter Biden’s Laptop Cost Trump Presidency in 2020

("Laptop from hell" footage snapshot)

The media cover-up of shocking revelations about Hunter Biden’s lost laptop back in early fall of 2020 – dismissed at the time as “Russian disinformation” – cost President Trump victory in the election.

The overwhelming majority of American voters are now convinced of this, according to the results from a new public opinion poll.

 ‘Russian Disinformation’

The first harrowing pieces of information came out of Hunter’s “lost laptop” in October 2020, several weeks before the 2020 presidential election, after the laptop got abandoned in a computer repair shop in Delaware earlier that year.

The leftist mainstream media either completely ignored revelations from the communication records of the future first son or dismissed them as a disinformation operation carried out by the regime of Russia.

The bulk of the US intelligence community also chimed in to that end at the time. Sleepy Joe showed during his campaign a letter signed by 51 intelligence officials, declaring the Hunter Biden laptop story to be nothing other than “Russian disinformation.”

Biden has been categorically denying having ever had any knowledge of his son’s murky business dealings. However, his denial has come under serious scrutiny lately.

The latest revelations from Hunter Biden’s laptop arrived from a backup copy of his iPhone recently found by The Daily Mail.

Among other things, it contains a voicemail message from Joe to Hunter from December 2018. This seems to suggest Sleepy Joe is up to date with his son’s business operations with questionable figures from China seemingly connected to the ruling communist regime.

All of that is not even mentioning the revelations about Hunter Biden’s lavish, promiscuous lifestyle, including his addiction to drugs, alcohol, and prostitutes.

The iPhone’s backup revelations also seem to suggest he lied to his father about borrowing his money for rehab, while he spent the cash on Russian prostitutes.

Special Investigator Wanted More Than Anything Else

According to the results from a new public opinion poll, a whopping 78% of American voters are categorical now that Trump would have won the 2020 election, had the media not covered up revelations of Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.”

It established further that 74% of the US electorate thinks not only the FBI, but also the wider intelligence community, acted on purpose to mislead Americans that Hunter’s laptop was a Russian fake news campaign designed to destroy Biden’s presidential campaign.

The vast majority of respondents now say the laptop story is real; while only 11% still think it was concocted by the Russians.

The survey found 47% of US voters would have voted differently back in November 2020, had they been aware of the truth about Hunter’s laptop. Those include a whopping 71% of the Democratic electorate.

The share of all respondents – 81% – said they would like to see a special counsel probing the contents of Hunter Biden’s abandoned computer.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.