McEnany Calls Out Media for Failure to Cover Hunter Biden

"Kayleigh McEnany" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

At a press briefing last Tuesday, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany noted how the mainstream media had dramatically changed their tune and ignored Hunter Biden’s scandal released by the New York Post.

McEnany criticizes the media due to its hypocritical coverage of the scandal of Joe Biden’s son. The press insisted that said story was a part of “Russian disinformation” until last week, it emerged that Hunter Biden is indeed subjected to a federal investigation.

In the said briefing, McEnany told reporters, “Interesting pre-election and post-election coverage too on the Hunter Biden scandal which was not covered at all by many outlets in the lead-up to the election.” She also condemned how the media handled the controversy surrounding Rep. Eric Swalwell and the alleged Chinese spy.

The White House press secretary said, “On October 15, you had a New York Times headline that said, ‘Trump said to be warned that he was being given Russian disinformation over Hunter Biden,'” She continued by saying, “Now, December 10, just a few months later, your Times headline is ‘Investigation of Hunter Biden is likely to hang over Biden as he takes office,'”

McEnany went on and said that these are exciting turn of events. She then praised the reporters and news outlets who covered the Hunter Biden story all along and did not believe in the “Russian disinformation” theory.

Last week, Hunter Biden disclosed to the public that he is indeed under federal investigation due to possible tax fraud. The reports said that the Justice Department is investigating Hunter Biden’s shady foreign business deals.

A subpoena was issued to Hunter to seek information about his participation with the Ukraine energy company called Burisma, where he allegedly held a lucrative seat. Said subpoena also covers his foreign dealings with China together with the documents from over two dozen entities. The new information also indicates that said investigation will also examine various international pursuits that Hunter Biden made.

Meanwhile, President Trump assailed that Attorney General William Barr should have “stepped up” in informing the country, during the 2020 presidential campaign that Joe Biden’s son had been under investigation.

In an interview with Fox & Friends, President Trump said, “Joe Biden lied on the debate stage he said there’s nothing happening, nothing happening, and William Barr should have stepped up,” President Trump emphasized that all Barr had to do is to say that there is an ongoing investigation against Hunter Biden. He then clarified that he does not want to say anything bad happened to Hunter and purposely stay out of it.

However, the Republican president went on and said, “But when you affect an election … when they are saying things, making statements and the press is purposely not reporting it, William Barr, I believe, not believe I know, had an obligation to set the record straight.”

“President Trump Boards Marine One” (public domain) The White House

Barr also did not provide information about the investigation to congressional Republicans.
One of the investigations became public last week when Hunter Biden disclosed that he was being investigated for possible tax fraud when working for a Ukrainian gas company while his father served as vice president in the Obama administration.

However, Fox News reporter, Brian Kilmeade, stated that if William Barr had stepped up during the election, he would be compared to James Comey, former FBI Director, who announced that the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email was reopened few days before the 2016 presidential election.

Trump then said that the Attorney General should have acted more like Robert Mueller, the special counsel who was the head of the Russian probe. Mueller also challenged a 2-19 BuzzFeed report stating that Trump gave directions to Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer, to lie to Congress.

Trump said, “But Bob Mueller stood up, and he interjected that this article was false. Barr should have done the same.”

Last week, the two investigations into Hunter Biden and William Barr’s efforts to keep them away from the public eye was revealed last week.

The Attorney General not only kept the investigation away from the public eye, but he also did not provide information to the Congressional Republicans. It was only last week when the investigation became public when Hunter Biden disclosed that he was an investigation, allegedly due to possible ta