McConnell Vows To Stop the “Worst” of Biden’s Proposals

On Thursday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell stated that the goal of Republicans in the Senate is not to stop “everything” that Biden proposes. Instead, they just want to prevent the “worst”.

McConnell said GOP preventing the “worst” by stopping some far-left policies

The Republican Senator from Kentucky explained that the strategy he’s using to gain back power in the Senate is by stopping some of the most far-left policies that the Democrats are trying to push through. 

McConnell also said that if he becomes the majority leader again, Republicans in the Senate are not stopping everything; they are only preventing the worst from happening.

He added conservatives are preventing things which will push the country into a direction that the GOP thinks is not the best way to go. 

McConnell worked with Biden in the Senate for years; the Senate Minority Leader added that he wants to hold the president to his moderate platform, instead of bowing down to the progressive agenda of the Democrat Party. 

McConnell later said he can make sure that Biden will keep the promise he made in 2020 to be moderate. 

Notably, Mitch McConnell has a known past of vowing to scramble Democrat presidents.

Back in 2010, he famously told National Journal that the “most important” agenda that they want to achieve is for Obama to only serve for one term. Then recently, McConnell stated that 100% of their focus is standing up against the Biden administration. 

Democrats passed the massive $1.9 trillion COVID package without a single supportive vote from Republicans. The Democrat Party also proposed over $4 trillion worth of additional spending on infrastructure, education, and anti-poverty proposals.

Meanwhile, Republicans stated that they are willing to negotiate in narrowing down the infrastructure plan to focus more on roads and bridges, instead of other things. However, the GOP lawmakers rejected more extensive spending proposals from Biden. 

Biden’s proposal on gun laws, Washington D.C. statehood, and voting rights have also drawn little interest from Republicans. Although the proposals passed the House, they are less likely to push through in the Senate; in the Senate, most laws need 60 votes to proceed. 

McConnell said Republicans, Democrats working together “behind the scenes” despite apparent bipartisan divide

At present, the Senate is evenly split 50-50; this divide makes Vice President Harris the tie-breaker as the 51st vote for the Democrat Party.

Despite the public display of partisan hostility and distrust, McConnell stated that both parties are working unitedly “behind the scenes.”

In one instance, McConnell added that they are still hopeful to reach a bipartisan deal on police reform; this is a matter that Republican Senator Tim Scott is negotiating with Democrats.

McConnell then said the idea that lawmakers do not have collegiality and are always at each other’s throats is “simply not true”.