Massive Political Money Laundering Scheme Uncovered

James O’Keefe sent shockwaves through the journalism community when he was removed from his own media organization, Project Veritas, last month, due to conflicts with the board of directors.

However, O’Keefe didn’t stay down for long. In March, he established O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) and on Tuesday, the fledgling enterprise secured its first significant story.

Individuals Making Hundreds of Thousands of Donations to Democratic Group

OMG delved into the Federal Election Commission (FEC) data pertaining to the well-known Democratic fundraising group, ActBlue.

Their investigation uncovered what O’Keefe describes as “an odd abundance of data” concerning donation activities from individual donors, especially senior citizens.

According to the FEC information, certain individuals are documented as making thousands of donations annually, accumulating massive sums — $200,000 or even more in some instances.

To emphasize, this is not just thousands of dollars in donations per year, but rather thousands of small donations annually, totaling tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars attributed to individual donors.

Utilizing the publicly accessible data, O’Keefe traveled to Maryland to locate some of the donors from that state and verify with them if they had actually been making thousands of small donations each year to ActBlue.

One elderly individual, for instance, was documented as making over 1,000 separate donations in 2022, amounting to slightly more than $18,000.

Suspiciously Large Amounts Donated Mostly by Senior Citizens

This would imply that she contributed to ActBlue three times daily throughout the entire year.

Upon questioning whether she intentionally donated so frequently to the organization, the Maryland senior informed O’Keefe that although she’d given a few dollars now and then, she certainly had not donated such a substantial sum or made that many contributions.

The elderly woman appeared amused by the notion that she might have such a large sum to a political contender.

An 80-year-old Arizona resident was documented as having made 18,672 separate donations, totaling $170,221.37.

The data indicated she sometimes contributed up to ten times daily. When an OMG reporter approached her, she expressed astonishment at the amount and asserted she definitely did not make those donations.

She was completely unaware that contributions were being made in her name with such frequency and for that cumulative sum.