Massive Egg Farm Fire Kills Hundreds of Thousands of Chickens

Americans each eat an average of 286 eggs per year. That’s almost one egg a day on average. Eggs are healthy, nutritious, and easy to cook. They’re a staple of our breakfast and our food supply.

That’s why it’s so disturbing to hear about more and more fires in our agricultural facilities and places like egg production farms.

The latest egg fire farm occurred at one of the largest egg companies in America named Hillandale Farms. Here’s what we know so far…

What Happened?

A two-story egg-laying facility on the site of Hillandale Farms in Bozrah, Connecticut happened on Sunday. According to reports, more than 100,000 chickens died.

An investigation is ongoing into what happened and why this fire occurred. Hillandale has not yet commented on the fire at their Bozrah property.

They have more than 20 million chickens in total, but this is still a serious hit to their bottom line and will impact egg production.

The Pennsylvania-headquartered company is the third to experience a massive fire in the past year; there has also been a large number of fires at agricultural and farm facilities in the past year in America.

Tucker Carlson and others have covered these ongoing fires, many of which look quite suspicious in nature.

Here’s the Thing…

We do not know the cause of the Bozrah fire at this time. What we do know is that the Biden-Harris regime wants to end our way of life as we know it.

They have made that crystal clear, as have their globalist partners like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum.

Already by last spring, Joe Biden was saying that “food shortages” were coming. At the time, he calmly said it and claimed it would be because of putting the necessary sanctions on Russia.

Though he went further, noting that causing food shortages would be part of the US government strategy going forward.

According to the mainstream media, Biden just misspoke, but people began to worry. Why had he been talking about food shortages and using them as a tool?

It must just mean pressuring Russia or the inevitable issues that might cause around the world, due to Russia and Ukraine’s importance in producing grain for the globe. Right…? Well, that’s when very strange things began happening…

A Multitude of Fires At Food Processing Plants

The month after Biden’s comments, a major food producer’s headquarter got burned to the ground. No cause was ever found. Then, two planes crashed and destroyed food processing centers: one making grain products in Georgia and the other making food in Idaho.

Why was there suddenly some kind of strange series of events hitting massive food processing centers?

Why is this happening so much?

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.