Marjorie Taylor Greene BLASTS Political Blog For False Reportage

A YouTube video posted on Tuesday featured Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene as she urged people to join her in her hog hunting conquest. 

Greene noted the farmers had gone through a lot, thanks to Biden and his Democrats. They do not need another menace in their hands, she said, referring to the wild hogs infesting farms and killing crops.

In the video, the congresswoman shot at the hogs from a helicopter. She encouraged people to join her to hunt for the wild hogs, offering a prize for winners as she took photos with one of the animals she killed.

Vulgar Article 

Following the release of this YouTube video, The Huffington Post posted an article with a headline that insinuated the congresswoman referred to Democrats as hogs and was trying to hunt them. 

Appalled, Greene immediately tweeted in reaction to the article, as she demanded a correction to be immediately made.

Unlike Democrats who announced to the world that Republicans are terrorists and should be eliminated, Greene noted she was different and did no such thing. 

The congresswoman announced she was not going to let herself become another victim of projection, as she had gotten enough already.

Greene blasted the article’s author, making it clear she was not one to be ridiculed or bullied by the lies of far-left media. She asserted the journalist should be fired for intentionally broadcasting such lies to Americans.

Greene struggled to understand why people who should be the proper sources of information would misuse that trust to tell lies instead and misinform people.

Greene also noted how she was frustrated with the so-called liberal media, whose actions are everything but liberal.

Though they claim to be liberal, they spend their time cooking up lies against the GOP and trying to feed lies to Americans to manipulate them.

Greene warned that she was not going to allow the liberal media to continue calling Republicans different names, as their silence has been taken for granted.


Furthermore, the congresswoman called the Democrats out on their lies; she added they were only projecting as no Republican has ever moved towards any of the awful ideologies they have been accused of. 

In contrast, the same cannot be said about Democrats and the Biden administration, as they have proved they only use their power as weapons against their opponents.

In addition, Greene canceled the blog as she stated they only broadcast political lies and abuse their press freedom by doing so.

Ending her long thread, the representative noted there were hardly any journalists in the country who prioritize ethics and care to report the truth.

Greene wrote the majority of journalists in the country have gotten carried away by political ideologies and only care about representing one party in a good light.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.