Marines Taken Into Custody Over Participation in January 6 Riots

The riots at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 were over two years ago. Nevertheless, those who chose to engage are still being held accountable for their actions.

Since this time, law enforcement has been using all sorts of resources and investigative means at their disposal to find the perpetrators involved. This means scouring social media, phone records, and even bank accounts in some cases.

Footage from Capitol Hill has also been helpful. At the end of the day, law enforcement has been clear they’ll leave no stone unturned to find everyone involved. So far, the authorities are living up to their word.

According to CNN, three US Marines on active duty were recently arrested for breaching the Capitol on January 6, two years ago.

What to Know About These Arrests

The arrested Marines are as follows: Sgt. Dodge Dale Hellonen, Sgt. Joshua Abate, and Cpl. Micah Coomer.

Authorities are believed to have learned of their participation in the riots over two years ago after Coomer boasted about it via Instagram, even going as far as to express eagerness for another US civil war.

It goes without saying that each of the aforementioned Marines now faces criminal charges and will likely spend some time behind bars.

Court records reveal that once Hellonen, Abate, and Coomer learned how seriously the Capitol riot was being taken, they started to become a bit quieter about their involvement in it all.

Not only do Coomer’s social media postings stand as damning evidence against the trio, but they are also on video footage in the Capitol when they weren’t supposed to be. This footage shows that Hellonen, Abate, and Coomer were there for roughly 60 minutes before leaving.

More to Come?

At this point, there is no telling how much time the authorities will need before catching everyone who was at the Capitol two years ago. However, it’s been made very clear that police aren’t going to allow the passing of time to stop their investigations.

Meanwhile, the federal criminal justice system remains committed to holding accountable the individuals who were involved.

According to the feds, no one is above the law. All things considered, Americans could very well learn of even more arrests made later this year of persons involved in the Capitol riots.

Since the arrests of these three Marines, social media users have weighed in with their points of view about what happened and the appropriate consequences these folks should face.

What do you think about the arrests of three US Marines who were found to be involved in the Capitol riots two years ago? Do you believe they’re going to serve prison time? You can let us know where you think this is going below in the comments area.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.