Man with “Jesus Saves” Shirt Forcefully Removed from the Mall

A video of a mall security officer removing a man from the premises went viral after it made its rounds on Twitter and other social media.

Apparently, the man’s shirt, which had “Jesus Saves” written on it, was offending and upsetting the other shoppers at a large Bloomington mall in Minnesota; the security guard wasn’t having it.

The left isn’t even willing to respect Americans’ religious freedoms if they’re Christians

Upon inspecting the shirt, he ordered the man to either take it off or abandon the premises, speaking volumes about the core values the left is choosing to no longer respect.

This country once took pride in the freedoms it offers to its people, but it seems those times are long gone; and if you’re a Christian, you’re in for quite the ride.

According to Alpha News, which published the clip, the altercation between the two men happened during the weekend; it wasn’t just one officer that took offense with the man’s outfit, but rather several of them.

Many have argued the reason for the backlash he’d gotten wasn’t the writing on the front, but on the back, which had the word “coexist” crossed out.

We’ve entered into a dark era for this country and its people if the very mention of religion can be considered offensive, especially considering the attire was within the man’s 1st Amendment rights.

Fight for your rights

In a follow-up clip that was posted later, a security guard can be seen yelling at the man wearing the shirt, demanding him to either take it off or leave, as he isn’t allowed to shop in the mall while wearing clothing that offends other shoppers.

Apparently, promoting morality and Jesus’ teachings through a harmless shirt design is now akin to soliciting, which is not allowed on mall grounds, as it’s private property.

Of course, the object retains its rights to remove any shopper from the premises if they believe them to be harmful to other visitors. However, the videos show no sign of anyone actually being offended, probably because there was nothing to actually take offense with.

Seeing as the video cuts off at a rather awkward point, it’s unclear whether the man was removed from the mall or not.

Some Twitter users commented the man was ultimately allowed to continue shopping, but he won’t be allowed in the mall again if he’s wearing a shirt promoting the same or a similar message.

Despite all the talk surrounding the incident, Bloomington Mall has yet to provide any official statement or response to the situation.

However, the video did prompt a group of like-minded people to band together and fight for their religious freedoms. A protest has been announced by the group Bloomington Patriots, which will gather at the mall on February 4th wearing “Jesus Saves” shirts.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.