Major Safety Hazard Cleanup is Still on Hold

A small town of barely 4,700 people in Ohio experienced a massive disaster almost two weeks ago. A train car derailed, burst into flames, and unleashed toxic chemicals onto the town’s people.

Amidst all the chaos, Biden is yet to act on the incident.

He hasn’t even mentioned the possibility of a cleanup; although the US’s leading environmental regulator, Michael Regan, assured that the people of East Palestine, OH, will soon be protected from the disastrous spill.

Ohio derailment soon to be cleaned up?

On top of this, he added those responsible for the incident will be held accountable for it before a court of law; any damages caused by the accident will be covered.

Regan fully understands why the citizens of East Palestine weren’t too convinced help was on the way. It’s already been 14 days since the spill actually happened and he claimed an investigation is underway.

On top of offering this promise to the people of the small, affected city, he also vowed to penalize the company responsible for the incident. While it’s already known that Norfolk Southern is behind the spill, it remains unknown how harsh the Environmental Protection Agency will be on them.

Apart from shedding light on how detrimental these toxic chemicals can be to human life, the accident also raised some questions about oversight on hazardous shipments like this one, leading to one hell of a headache for the Biden administration.

Ohio wildlife pays the ultimate price

Naturally, Biden and his team of liberals immediately went to counter the criticism aimed at them, albeit ineffectively, ultimately being forced to acknowledge just how great of a disaster the spill actually could’ve been.

Even though the EPA confirmed that water and air in the area were safe, it didn’t do much in terms of bringing relief to the people of East Palestine, who were still in shock from the disaster that had befallen their little town.

A farmer from a nearby town commented on Regan’s water tests, claiming he won’t believe it until he sees Regan himself drinking a glass of it. His cows have been experiencing diarrhea ever since the spill happened.

As it turns out, the vinyl chloride and acetyl butane spill was caused by a mechanical issue on the train, leading to the evacuation of almost 1,500 residents from the nearby area as the toxic cloud spread through the air.

Ohio Senator JD Vance chimed in on the matter, appearing on video at a creek in the area, which was full of dead wildlife even two weeks after the chemicals originally spilled.

The environmental repercussions of this disaster will be tremendous; it won’t be surprising to see future generations of farm animals and wildlife in the area affected by the spill as well.

Hopefully, we won’t be saying the same for the residents of East Palestine, who have been worried sick for the past two weeks, hoping the issue would go away just as fast as it had appeared at their front doors.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.