Mainstream Democrats Turned Against Biden

Joe Biden faced an unexpected challenge both during and after his State of the Union address on March 1, as lawmakers from his own party turned against him.

While Democrat Senator Joe Manchin sat with Republican lawmakers during Biden’s address, progressive lawmaker Rashida Tlaib badly bashed the president after his speech.

Tlaib Rebutted Biden’s Speech from a Rival Political Party’s Platform

During his speech, Biden noted everyone should be united during times of domestic and foreign threats.

However, Rep. Rashida Tlaib broke with her party and delivered the response of the minor political party, namely the Working Families Party. 

Despite belonging to the Democrat Party, when the lawmakers issued a response on behalf of another political party, Daily Beast called it a “slap” to Joe Biden.

The channel stated the timing of Tlaib’s response made it even more crucial as Biden is facing various crises when his party is controlling Congress by a razor-thin margin.

When the congresswoman stated “obstructionist Democrats” and “corporate Democrats,”  without directly naming them, everyone knew her target, Daily Beast added.

She endorsed the agenda of the Working Party, despite claiming she was a “lifelong Democrat.” According to the lawmaker, if the Working Party were in power, it would have raised its voice for the working-class, while fighting for a minimum wage of $15 per hour.

Tlaib recommended that Biden should cancel student loans, fix labor rules, and carbon emissions issues by using his executive powers. These comments by the progressive lawmaker were not perceived in a friendly manner within her own party. 

A co-founder of a moderate Democratic group, Third Way, Matt Bennet, noted attacking other Democrats on the night of the president’s address is an insane idea. 

Bennet further noted these sorts of comments are likely to bring a Republican majority in the House, which is narrowly controlled by Democrats.

An official of the Brookings Institution, Elaine Kamarck, stated some Democrats believe standing up to Biden would help them in getting their desired goals, which is not a true belief.

Thus, Kamarck commented only a specific wing of the Democrat Party could make things easier for them. She was referring to moderate Democrats, who have been consistent in denouncing Biden’s socialistic agenda in Congress.

Manchin Joined Republicans Ranks in Biden’s Address

Meanwhile, moderate Democrat Senator Joe Manchin sat with Republican lawmakers throughout Biden’s address.

Experts suggest it was to remind Biden that touting for his social spending bill in his address would not work.

Although the president did not mention the bill by name, he reiterated this spending spree could bring the country out of crisis.

The president noted many Nobel laureates believe the social spending package will help avert the persisting economic crisis.

Manchin’s communications director, Sam Runyon, stated Manchin sat with his friend Mitt Romney to remind the world bipartisanship is still alive in the country.