Shop Owner with Biden’s Secrets: “I Fear I Would Be Murdered”

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

“I feared I would be murdered,” according to the computer shop owner who retrieved Hunter Biden’s secrets from his laptop.

John Paul MacIsaac, the computer shop owner, confirmed that he handed the laptop to the FBI late last year after realizing that he has Joe Biden’s son’s emails and pictures. The computer shop owner claimed that he was “just a guy who had something he wanted [take] out of his shop.”

How did the laptop get there?

MacIsaac owns a shop that offers data recovery services. The shop is located in Wilmington, DE, and Hunter Biden walked into his shop with three damaged laptops on hand.

According to MacIsaac’s account, in April 2019, three damaged Apple laptops were left in his shop. One had a sticky keyboard, and two had water damage. However, the laptop owner never returned, nor he even paid the $85 bill for recovering data stored on the laptops.

MacIsaac was able to retrieve data from the laptops and contained them in a separate hard drive. In recovering the data, he said he saw its contents and commented that “it was a mess.” He further stated that there was “personal information” and that “I would have been responsible for dragging and dropping the contents on to a hard drive.”

The computer also stated that he tried to repeatedly get in touch with Hunter Biden but to no avail. So, during summer, with all the news in papers and online, he started to get concerned because he thought he recognizes the name of the person who left the laptops, in reference to Hunter Biden.

However, when MacIsaac was asked whether or how he knew that the emails concerned Hunter Biden’s dealings with a Ukrainian energy company, he said, “no comment.”

Then, MacIsaac said he reached out to a trusted friend who gave him advice about what to do. However, how he and the FBI agents came to be in touch are unclear.

Notwithstanding such fact, on December 9, there were two FBI agents who came to his shop to pick up the laptop that was left in his shop. MacIsaac said the FBI agents have with them a subpoena for it, although the subpoena is dated December 19.

A day after the laptop was gathered from his shop, the FBI agents called him to ask for help in getting the laptop to work. MacIsaac then gave the FBI instructions as to which power cord to get to connect to it and make it work.

“I Fear I Would Be Murdered”

Then, since the day that the FBI agents called for help in getting the laptop to work, MacIsaac hasn’t heard anything from them. He said he heard next from the agents in the New Year when one of the agents called him. The agent warned him not to talk to anyone who’d come to his shop asking him for the laptop, and he was instructed to “stall.”

When MacIsaac was asked who could that possibly be, he said that “Biden, anybody representing Hunter.”

MacIsaac also stated that he acted to pass on the laptop to Giuliani because he fears for his safety, saying, “I’m pretty vocal about not wanting to get murdered.” He said he feared being killed because of what was in his possession.

When he was asked, “Did you genuinely think Joe Biden would put your life in danger?”

MacIsaac replied, “People that work for him, sure.”

MacIsaac referred to the murder of Seth Rich, a Democrat political staffer who died in Washington D.C. in 2016 and whose death still remains unresolved. However, the center of the theory on why Seth Rich died was because of his role in leaking Hillary Clinton’s emails.