Luxurious Island Deports Illegal Immigrants Despite Championing Diversity

Local residents on the luxurious island of Martha’s Vineyard are calling former President Obama to open his $12 million mansion to accommodate the recently arrived illegal immigrants from Florida.

However, the Martha’s Vineyard administration sent the immigrants to a military base and is seeking the legal opinion of the Department of Justice (DOJ) to sue Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Liberal Island Cannot Handle Even a Few Illegal Immigrants

On Friday, illegal immigrants boarded a bus in Martha’s Vineyard. They reached Joint Base Cape Cod (JBCC), where the Republican governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, opened a shelter for them.

Rachael Rollins, the US Attorney for Massachusetts, noted she is aiming to talk to the DOJ about possible legal actions against DeSantis for sending illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

Rollins added many regions, including Washington D.C, New York City, and Chicago, are affected by the actions of the conservative governors who are bussing their immigrants to other places.

So, all of the impacted cities will seek the input of the DOJ about the next legal steps.

In a news release, Governor Baker stated JBCC is already an emergency shelter facility that will provide temporary shelter to immigrant families.

One migrant told CNN that state authorities informed them about the US immigration laws before their entry into the military base.

Although Democrats are slamming DeSantis for transporting illegal immigrants to the island, Martha’s Vineyard’s officials previously wished to see immigrants on the luxurious island.

A far-left county commissioner in Martha’s Vineyard, Keith Chainover, asserted he would love to see his island becoming a home of migrants.

This was when Senator Ted Cruz proposed the luxurious island should be a processing point for illegal immigrants coming from the southern border.

Obama Should Open His Mansion For Immigrants

Meanwhile, a local tourist board declared a “humanitarian crisis” in Martha’s Vineyard after receiving just 50 migrants.

One resident, Elizabeth Osborn, told the New York Post she had to stay out of the town all day to avoid any trouble.

Osborn claimed she would not blame DeSantis for bringing illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, as he is just trying to highlight the pressing issue of open borders.

Likewise, Jane Chirrick, who lived in Martha’s Vineyard for almost 42 years, stated Obama would still not open his $12 million mansion to illegal immigrants.

Obama has a luxurious mansion in Martha’s Vineyard, where he threw a party to celebrate his 60th birthday last year. Despite the presence of COVID protocols, the party was attended by hundreds of people.

So, Chittick suggested Obama should open his property, erect tents, and let immigrants live in the mansion until they are processed.

In addition to that, Chittick claimed the residents of Martha’s Vineyard are usually disconnected from the rest of the world, but the arrival of illegal immigrants will let them know about the problems faced by other Americans.