Los Angeles Liberals Have a New Solution to the City’s Staggering Homeless Problem

Like many blue states and cities across the nation, Los Angeles has a homeless crisis. The last time a count was done in 2019, it was found there are over 82,000 homeless people in LA. That’s a lot of people.

Though now a municipal group that works to help the homeless has come up with a solution to this devastating problem.

No, it’s not mental health service expansion, addiction recovery, law enforcement funding, infrastructure funding, or jobs development…

It’s much simpler than that. They want you to stop using the word “homeless” because it’s offensive. Yes, really.

Saying ‘Homeless’ Can Hurt People’s Feelings

According to the LA Homeless Service Authority (LAHSA), folks should stop saying the word ‘homeless’ because it can hurt people’s feelings. They encouraged folks, instead, to use the word “unhoused.”

One small issue right off the bat here: the word homeless is literally in the name of the organization telling people not to use the word homeless. 

Then again, intelligence was never a defining characteristic of our woke brothers and sisters, was it?

By their logic, they would be the LA Unhoused Service Authority (LAUSA), or if you were to say it phonetically: LOSER. That makes a little more sense.

Though seriously, the LAHSA says using the term homeless is dehumanizing and cruel and can make homeless folks feel they are “less than” the rest of us.

Here’s the thing: most homeless people are probably a little more concerned with being homeless than with being called homeless. 

Whereas sheltered woke-tards fresh out of Berkeley with CRT degrees can’t be expected to live in the real world I suppose…

Help, I’m ‘Experiencing Homelessness’ and ‘Living Outside’

In a hilarious advisory, the LAHSA clowns said there are better alternatives to “homeless” in addition to “unhoused.” One is to say “people living outside” and to say somebody is “experiencing homelessness” rather than being homeless.

The obvious implication here is to shift homelessness more into a temporary experience than a status or label. Fair enough, but also, totally irrelevant.

LA is overrun with homeless folks, mentally ill, drug addicted, split off from their family, hit hard by medical bills, and hundreds of other things that landed them in tents and on the streets.

Saying they are just random people “living outside” won’t unstick the heroin needle from their arm or put them back in an apartment.

We all know that, but the woke love to police language and focus on feelings. They have no actual solutions to the problems we face and are too weak to face up to the reality of life.

The Bottom Line

Call homeless people whatever you’d like. We all know that living outside a home is called being homeless. We also know it’s painful and unenjoyable.

Stop playing word games and start coming up with real solutions, progressives.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.