Lori Lightfoot Focuses on Texas to Cover Her Shortcomings

Over Labor Day weekend, seven persons were shot and killed in Chicago. In total, there were 46 victims of gunfire. There have been 461 murders in the city so far this year, spread out over 248 days. 

Looking For A Distraction

As the majority of Democrats do, Mayor Lori Lightfoot portrays herself as a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. However, at least 355 of the victims of the 461 homicides that occurred in her city were black. 

Lightfoot is partially to blame for the situation since she is more concerned with making things easier for criminals than she is with ensuring the safety of law-abiding individuals. 

Now, in an effort to deflect attention away from her shortcomings, Lightfoot is attempting to stir up a political scandal by making attacks on Republicans. 

In the same way illegal immigrants were transported by bus from Texas to New York City and Washington, D.C., the state has now started transporting them to Chicago, which is also recognized as a “sanctuary city.” 

Lightfoot has taken advantage of this opening to launch an attack against the Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, whom she referred to as “unpatriotic” and “a man without any morals, humanity, or shame.”

Nothing Wrong!

However, like Eric Adams in New York City and Muriel Bowser in Washington DC, Lightfoot is unable to define precisely what it is that Abbott’s doing wrong.

After all, Chicago’s “Welcoming City” statute, with its ironic moniker, has effectively extended an invitation to illegal immigrants to settle in the city. 

Lightfoot stated “from its very foundation, and proudly so,” Chicago has been “a city of immigrants and a city that gladly welcomes newcomers.”

In spite of this, Democratic mayors like Lightfoot are actively encouraging illegal immigration to their cities, which is leading to the overcrowding of Texas’s smaller border towns.

In terms of resources, Chicago is in a much better position to accommodate them than, for example, Eagle Pass or Del Rio.

Why, then, shouldn’t Abbott help to alleviate the load on these border towns by assisting in the relocation of a few of the illegal immigrants the government of Biden is dumping on Texas? 

The real issue is Chicago’s invitation to welcome illegal immigrants was never made in good faith, just like New York City and Washington D.C. did before. This is the root of the problem. 

Lightfoot is saying her community is unable to deal with even a small portion of the problem that border cities in Texas are currently confronting. 

Most significantly, her assaults on Abbott serve to divert attention away from the more than 2,000 homicides that occurred in Chicago over the course of the past 2.5 years. 

The only hypocrisy brought to attention in this situation is that of Lightfoot.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.