Liz Cheney Spoke to Biden After Her Historic Defeat

(Social media video snapshot)

Republican congresswoman Liz Cheney spoke to President Biden after her Wyoming election loss. A pro-Trump candidate defeated the GOP congresswoman by an overwhelming margin.

Other anti-Trump Republican lawmakers, who are also on the verge of their election defeat, also contacted Cheney to sympathize with her for her election loss.

Cheney Gets Closer to Biden After Her Election Loss

Speaking to ABC News, Cheney noted she had a “very good” talk with President Biden after her election defeat; they discussed the ideas to put the country above partisanship.

Biden has often verbally endorsed the idea of bipartisanship, but most of his legislative efforts remained highly partisan to date.

This is not the first time Cheney is having warm relations with Biden. In July, Cheney attended a White House meeting in which former Senator Alan Simpson received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Biden.

According to Cheney, she also received calls from nine other Republican lawmakers who voted to impeach Trump. Only two of them will be on the ballot in November.

After losing the elections, Cheney even took aim at Republican voters, claiming a large portion of the Republican Party is sick. She also argued people still believe the lies of the former president, which is extremely dangerous for the country.

By launching a staunch campaign against Trump, Cheney had no chance to put on an impressive show in her Wyoming primaries, which is considered one of the top red states of the country.

So, the GOP congresswoman started relying on Democratic voters for her fundraising efforts.

At the time of her election loss, Cheney had $7 million of campaign funds remaining in her account, much of which was collected from Democratic voters.

Cheney Faces Tough Political Choices Ahead

Some political observers have even claimed Cheney is becoming more of a Democrat than a Republican, and she is majorly inspired by the ideals of the Democrat Party. 

Whereas her strong conservative ideology on some issues, notably abortion, is stopping her from joining the Democrat Party officially.

Cheney is often labeled as a Republican In Name Only (RINO), a tag that is given to Republicans who fall short of showing their loyalty to their party.

When Cheney voted to impeach Trump, she drew significant criticism from her fellow Republicans, but she still continued her anti-Trump campaign by siding with Democrats on January 6 investigation panel.

Following her historic loss against Trump-backed Harriet Hageman, Cheney doubled down on her criticism of Trump, stating she is ready to go the extra mile to stop Trump from winning the White House again.

After her loss, Cheney has already signaled for a 2024 presidential run.

While a congresswoman who is even unable to win a House seat is highly unlikely to win the presidential primaries, political experts suggest she would only run for the presidency to split the Republican vote bank to stop Trump’s way.