Liberals Slam Republicans For the Border Crisis

Liberal media networks and Democratic politicians are pointing fingers at former Republican administrations and lawmakers for failing to stop illegal immigration at the southern border.

Left-leaning entities believe the Biden administration inherited the poor border; so they should not be blamed for the rising illegal immigration.

Liberals Putting the Blame of Messy Border on Republicans

When Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent 50 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Democrats, as well as liberal media outlets, started blaming former Republican presidents for failing to bring an effective immigration system in the United States.

The Los Angeles Times editorial board established DeSantis is destabilizing the already vulnerable immigration system by transporting illegal immigrants to Democratic strongholds.

According to the LA Times, the current immigration system of the country is due to a political crisis and not because of open borders.

As per the LA Times, no one denies the border crisis, but illegal immigration is not happening due to an uncontrolled border; political stonewalling is the primary reason for the prevailing humanitarian crisis at the border.

Likewise, the LA Times noted congressional lawmakers have repeatedly failed to bring in meaningful immigration reforms, which is exacerbating the crisis at the southern border.

Similarly, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre constantly blamed the Trump administration for blocking legal immigration pathways, which eventually increased illegal immigration.

Jean-Pierre established the whole immigration system of the United States is broken, adding the Biden administration is starting from square one to fix borders that have faced decades of negligence.

Mainstream Media Goes Woke

Furthermore, CNN and ABC News have also aired programs in which so-called political analysts avoided criticizing the Biden administration for the ongoing border crisis.

Instead, both media outlets blamed Republican lawmakers for not cooperating with Democrats while passing immigration-related reforms.

In a panel discussion on the issue of border security, CNN commentator Alice Stewart appreciated Republican governors for highlighting the issue of border crisis by sending illegal immigrants to blue cities.

Responding to this, CNN liberal host Jim Acosta interrupted Stewart, claiming the border was not even secure under the Trump administration.

Acosta further added the Trump administration separated children from their parents on the southern border just to create deterrence.

Another liberal commentator on CNN, Maria Cardona, asserted Republicans are consistently refusing to cooperate on border security legislation, despite Democrats’ repeated attempts to introduce bills regarding the southern border.

Democrats are just reuniting families who were separated under the cruel rule of Trump, Cardona continued. 

In another show on CNN, host Jake Tapper claimed even though former President George W. Bush introduced border reforms, no Republicans supported those measures, as they were afraid of their conservative voters. 

Meanwhile, ABC is also embracing the far-left ideology on border reforms. Former Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp noted, in an ABC show, that the Trump administration is actually responsible for the crisis of Venezuelan immigrants.