Liberals Come Up With Weird Logic to Defend Illegal Immigration

A far-left journalist, Francesca Fiorentini, believes America should open the southern borders for aliens, as illegal immigrants will die otherwise.

Opening the border for illegal immigrants is detrimental for both Americans and migrants since human trafficking and sex trafficking rackets are operating at the southern border, contributing to the misery of potential migrants.

Far-Left Defies All Logic While Defending Illegal Immigration

In an MSNBC show on Sunday Night, host Ayman Mohyeldin discussed rising illegal immigration at the southern border and Republicans’ efforts to transport migrants to sanctuary destinations.

Fiorentini argued America has only two options at the moment: either accept illegal immigrants into the country or leave them to die. The MSNBC host also agreed with Fiorentini’s remarks.

These comments of Fiorentini came at a time when a large number of illegal immigrants are dying while trying to enter the United States.

In June, 53 illegal immigrants were found dead in an abandoned truck in Texas. Back then, many media outlets reported deaths due to suffocation in trucks were extremely common for illegal immigrants.

The issue hardly gets any attention unless a large number of people die in a single event.

Likewise, eight illegal immigrants were found dead in another tragic episode in Texas earlier this month. According to the CBP statement, America recovered six dead bodies, while Mexico found two people who died after trying to enter America while crossing a dangerous river.

Reportedly, more than 650 migrants died last year while trying to enter America illegally.

Apart from deaths, illegal immigrants are also vulnerable to human trafficking and sex trafficking, as they are pursued by violent rackets in both Mexico and America. 

A recent report by the New York Times even established that human smuggling at the US southern border is now a multi-billion dollar business.

Last year, federal authorities arrested at least 5,046 people for human smuggling, compared to only 2,762 people in 2014.

Fiorentini Invites Biden to Adopt More Radical Policies

Fiorentini claimed both parties are tough on the handling of illegal immigrants.

Republicans even encouraged Democrats to fund the CBP to a dangerously great extent which militarized the border force, as per Fiorentini. So, the liberal guest continued, the CBP has insane jurisdiction to handle illegal immigrants.

Furthermore, Fiorentini, who is also a stand-up comedian, suggested that Democrats need to be lenient while processing illegal immigrants.

While treating migrants like human beings is the most basic thing Democrats should do, the government must differentiate itself from narcotics gangs, from whom these illegal immigrants are trying to run in the first place, Fiorentini added

Although Fiorentini applauded the decision to allow Ukrainian immigrants into the United States, she slammed Border Patrol agents for whipping Haitian immigrants last year; the visuals created liberal backlash against the Biden administration.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.