Liberals’ Calls to Eliminate Police Amid Increasing Crime Rate

Los Angeles is facing an unprecedented crime problem, but a far-left mayoral candidate is calling police the “safeguards of white supremacy.”

A potential Democratic nominee backed by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is aiming to chronically defund the police in the city after winning the mayoral elections.

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Far Left Candidate Pledges to Eliminate Police Despite More Crimes

Gina Viola, a so-called social activist belonging to a liberal organization, “White People 4 Black Lives,” claimed in her recent interview that law enforcement agencies act as a “watchdog” to protect white supremacy in America.

She claimed to be an “abolitionist” and registered herself in the already crowded mayoral race in the last moments. The primary elections are to be held on June 7.

Since the public backlash against the police defunding movement, many Democrats distanced themselves from these slogans to save their political career.

This is the reason why other Democrats running against her are vowing to add more police officers in Los Angeles.

For instance, Rick Caruso and Rep. Karen Bass have indicated to fund police further after winning mayoral elections, but Viola is flying a solo flight in the race.

Many BLM leaders support Viola in her campaign; she is aiming to eliminate police completely over the course of her term and replace it with different social services.

Viola: Police Protectors of White Supremacy

While denigrating police, Viola said in her interview that white supremacy is protected by law in the United States and police are the watchdogs.

Similarly, she asserted that voting for her Democratic competitor, Rick Caruso, is like voting for white supremacy. Caruso’s spokesperson, however, labeled these comments of the radical candidate “disturbing.”

A billionaire businessman, Caruso is running for mayor of Los Angeles and is the major competitor of all the other Democratic contenders.

He already spent over $37 million of his own money on his mayoral campaign, advocating that he will hire almost 1,500 police officers.

According to Caruso, the reestablished police force will be used to remove homeless people from the streets, who are some of the most prominent problems in the city.

The persisting crisis of lawlessness in the liberal city is also encouraging voters to incline towards the right.

If a Republican candidate clinches a victory in this city, it will be a major setback for Democrats. Los Angeles is considered the hub of Democratic campaigns in any election.

Currently, the increasing crime in Los Angeles can also be explained by the inclination of voters toward the far-left in the city’s recent elections.

Democratic socialist ex-presidential candidate Bernie Sanders defeated Joe Biden by eight percentage points in the California primary. Los Angeles played a critical part in helping Sanders win that election.

Thus, experts believe voters can finally decide to try new things in order to establish peace in their chaotic city.