Liberal Reporters Are Now Pampering Jen Psaki

New reports suggest the various White House media correspondents are extraordinarily lenient while dealing with press secretary Jen Psaki in her press briefings.

Liberal Media is Too Easy on Psaki

According to a recently published piece in Politico by liberal writer Max Tani, most of the current correspondents are nice to Psaki, compared to the Trump administration officials.

Reportedly, some journalists are even claiming Psaki’s press briefings have become too “boring” and they feel like an “a–hole” if they question Psaki.

An anonymous liberal reporter even told Politico that Psaki is too “good” for her job and the press secretaries of former President Trump were detrimental to “democracy.” 

According to the reporter, his job has now become less rewarding since he does not have to save democracy from the likes of Trump’s press secretaries.

Psaki is not the only one getting favorable treatment from reporters.

Most media outlets have denounced Trump severely; they used to throw aggressive questions at him. Contrary to this, Biden is hardly countered by reporters.

Even when the media tried to question Biden, he has often been seen going away without taking even a single question.

Since the news of Psaki leaving the White House for a job on MSNBC went viral, it is widely perceived that the media has started becoming lenient on her.

This was the reason many experts indicated that in-service White House staff members should not negotiate a deal outside the administration because it distracts them from their job.

Critics have even claimed Psaki is highly unlikely to be countered by her future employers, which is happening right now.

Biden’s “Sober” White House Called Conservative Reporter “Son of a B—-”

The former deputy press secretary, Eric Schultz, who served in the White House of Obama, also joined liberal authors to praise the Democrat Party.

According to him, “a new sense of sobriety” is prevailing in the White House of Biden and making things less about personality and more about work is beneficial for democracy.

Politico also claimed the “attention-seeking” time of Trump’s presidency is over, and now the calmness of Biden’s White House will stay.

So, the media outlet mentioned there was nothing controversial in the press briefing room of Biden to discuss.

Jerry Dunleavy, a DC Examiner reporter, mocked this pro-Biden claim from reporters.

He said labeling Biden’s press briefing room “boring” is a joke, especially at a time when America made a chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and Russia invaded Ukraine.

Matt Whitlock, a conservative communications official, noted the press briefing room has started becoming boring under Psaki because the media is not “enthusiastic about the villains.”

Not only this, but the White House, which is being labeled as sober, has a history of being rude to conservative reporters.

Earlier this year, Biden called Fox News reporter Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a b—-” when he tried to question him regarding inflation.