Liberal Pundits Propagating Conspiracies

As Elon Musk successfully struck a $44 billion deal to buy Twitter, leftist political pundits have started extending their conspiracy theories.

According to an MSNBC host, this deal will impact American elections in years to come.

Liberals Accusing Musk of Orchestrating Future Elections

Ari Melber, an MSNBC host, recommended Americans pay attention to Twitter from now on, as “the world’s richest person” has acquired the platform.

Furthermore, Melber asserted that Musk, who is highly efficient in accumulating riches, knows how to use the social media giant for his benefit; this is supposedly the primary reason why he spent a lot of money on the deal.

Likewise, the host claimed any person who owns these sorts of platforms in their entirety does not bother to answer anyone regarding his ambitions.

Although former President Donald Trump already clarified he will not return to Twitter, even if Musk unbans him, Melber expressed his obsession with the former president.

He noted no one takes people like Trump seriously on these types of matters.

In addition to that, the liberal host mentioned Elon Musk would not be transparent in his dealings; he can ban candidates of any specific political party or try to downplay a specific narrative to orchestrate elections.

Melber also asserted that although Musk claims to help people by promoting free speech and democracy, his words should not be trusted at all.

Liberals Silent When Twitter Targeted Conservatives

As this criticism of Melber made headlines, conservative users of the platform were quick to remind him about the discriminatory policies of Twitter regarding anti-leftist elements.

For a long time, Twitter undermined conservative voices. Just recently, the platform punished the president of Concerned Women for America, Penny Nance, when she voiced her worries.

Not only this, but Twitter also locked the account of the New York Post when it brought the Hunter Biden bombshell to the spotlight.

Back then, the Post published the Hunter Biden laptop story, which would turn out to be true later on.

Many conservative users who tried to share the link to this laptop story were punished by Twitter, as their accounts were locked.

The Twitter account of Trump’s White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was also compromised, due to the same reason.

In the aftermath of the January 6 incident, the platform banned many conservative voices, including imposing a permanent ban on Trump.

These leftist commentators did not utter a word when Twitter tried to downplay Hunter Biden’s fraud or banned the former president.

Liberal voices who are crying foul on Musk’s acquisition of Twitter also encouraged Biden to start a crackdown against conservative media channels by punishing the officials of the Trump administration.

Since the time Musk made a bid to buy Twitter, liberal media outlets were also vocal against the potential deal, as they suggested it would undermine democracy in the country.