Liberal Media Slams Republicans For Criticizing Biden’s Socialist Schemes

The liberal media steps forward to defend Biden’s student debt relief program amid speculations that Republicans might challenge the socialist agenda in the courts.

Both CNN and the Washington Post decried Republicans’ ambitions to sue Biden’s loan relief plan that will burden American taxpayers to a great extent.

Liberal Media Colluded With Biden

Last week, the Washington Post compiled a lengthy article containing the contribution of three liberal authors.

The article stated many Republican attorneys general are set to sue Biden on his student debt relief plan, which would deprive Americans of receiving socialist grants.

Similarly, the media outlet noted the lawsuit could stop Biden’s plan even before it gets started.

Even though no lawsuit has been filed yet, and multiple conservatives claimed the GOP has not even finalized whether to sue Biden or not, the WaPo quoted third-party people.

These people claim Republicans will eventually file a lawsuit against the student loan relief program.

After assuming Republicans would file a lawsuit, the liberal media network started claiming hundreds of thousands of Americans would face dangerous financial consequences as they would not get any relief from the president.

Likewise, WaPo continued, people who celebrated last week after Biden’s announcement will end up mourning the Republicans’ attempt to stop the socialist handouts.

In addition to that, the authors pointed out the GOP is inviting the judiciary to intervene in the executive branch. This will undermine the president’s authority to oversee the economic matters of the country.

Previously, the Washington Post claimed Biden’s student loan relief package is a “regressive mistake” that will increase burdens on taxpayers.

CNN Also Comes to Defend Biden’s Socialism

Any involvement by the court in the student loan debt case will bring the court back into the spotlight.

The role of the Supreme Court already remains controversial amid the court restricting abortion access and stopping the Environmental Protection Agency from making climate regulations, WaPo established.

The Post also mentioned the talking points of Democrats, which they are going to use in the midterm elections. According to the WaPo, borrowers were greatly relieved by the student loan forgiveness program, as it gave up to $20,000 of relief per borrower.

Furthermore, the article quoted one borrower who claimed Republicans are doing a terrible thing by stopping Biden from giving handouts to people.

As per the WaPo, some sources believe Republican attorneys general are privately meeting with each other to bring a slew of lawsuits at once across the country. Multiple lawsuits at the same time can be used to pressure the judiciary, the liberal outlet added.

Likewise, CNN also posted an article quoting different legal experts who established Republicans’ lawsuit would fail in court. One legal analyst claimed no challenger would be able to prove in court that Biden’s handouts are illegal.

These actions by conservatives, CNN continued, are triggering uncertainty among borrowers who are unable to find out whether or not they need to pay their next loan installment.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.