Liberal Media Promoting Anti-Republican Hate in America

Liberal media outlets, which remained silent during Democrats’ personal attacks against Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, are attacking Republican lawmakers for questioning Biden’s nominee.

They are accusing GOP lawmakers of propagating racism, sexism, and conspiracy theories with their questions. 

Liberal Media Turns Against Republicans Again

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer asked the chief legal analyst of the network, Jeffrey Toobin, why Republican Senator Josh Hawley was trying to “paint” Biden’s nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson as a child porn offender sympathizer.

Toobin accused the senator of becoming a mouthpiece of the “QAnon audience,” noting conspiracy theorists have a significant presence in Republican Party politics.

He further stated Hawley is trying to appease that cult in his political party to get their support for his presidential election bid.


Abby Philips, the senior correspondent of CNN, also backed Toobin, claiming Hawley is using a “dog whistle” to appease the radical right of QAnon.

MSNBC had a similar opinion regarding Republican senators. A guest on the media channel, Danielle Holley-Walker, who is also a dean of Howard University school of law, stated Senator Ted Cruz played “racial politics” by questioning Jackson.

Many other liberal analysts tried to tie Republicans’ questions regarding Jackson’s attempted behavior to sympathize with offenders in a child pornography case with far-right conspiracy theories.

Sara Haines, a co-host at ABC, even defended Jackson’s efforts of not penalizing sex offenders. She stated pedophilia is the starting point of any conspiracy theory ever made.

Liberals Silent as Democrats Assassinated Kavanaugh’s Character

Jimmy Kimmel, a liberal host, had a monologue that disrespected Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

He mocked Graham’s remarks stating if anyone was listening to his voice and got caught seeing the child pornography on the computer, the punishment should be severe, as the content on the device was feeding the urges of a beast.

However, the host mocked these comments, noting anyone watching child pornography and listening to Graham’s voice at the same time should be “sexually defective.”

Another MSNBC contributor, Jason Johnson, stated Republicans’ line of questioning is like “flogging” a Supreme Court nominee. According to him, the only thing which Republicans can do is to flog the “intelligent” and “capable” lady.

Joy Reid, a far-left MSNBC host, had her own conspiracy theory when she claimed Republican lawmakers have been trying to appease a pro-QAnon audience for the sake of getting votes in the next elections. 

She also established that Republicans’ only job during the hearing was to “yell at a black lady.”

It is pertinent to note all of these liberal pundits were silent when Democratic lawmakers adopted a controversial path during the hearings of two of Trump’s nominees.

Justice Kavanaugh was facing two battles at a time, the one in the Senate and the other within liberal media channels, which tried to assassinate his character as forcefully as possible.