Liberal Media Refusing to Side With Biden

Biden’s media allies and many prominent Democrats are distancing themselves from the president as his popularity fades away.

For most of the time in the election campaign and the first year of his presidency, Biden relied on liberal media to disperse his message, but this support is stopping over time.

Liberal Media Finally Turning Against Biden

Corporate news networks ignored Biden’s continuous gaffes and downplayed his scandals.

Though, as the latest surveys show an inevitable downfall of the president, the very same media networks are refusing to side with him anymore.

Jeffrey McCall, the journalism professor at DePauw University, noted liberal commentators are now facing a compulsion to move away from Biden to keep their image intact.

Thus, they have to start their opposition against the president for practical purposes, even if they think the president is doing a fine job.

Speaking with Fox News, McCall asserted that Biden’s popularity started declining even in the eyes of his own voters.

Likewise, he claimed the economic and foreign policy of the country remained fragile under Biden. Americans started realizing this sooner than liberal media. 

Thus, when liberal media refused to run anti-Democrat news, they found out their narrative was not resonating with people, which is encouraging them to tell the truth now.

For instance, Chuck Todd of NBC News led a panel that lambasted the economic policy of Biden after the survey, which showed only 35 percent of Americans approved of the economy.

A guest of the show, Amna Nawaz, criticized Biden, adding the economic numbers of the country are “not great” and can be the biggest deciding factor in the result of the upcoming elections.

Todd, the liberal commentator, then showed poor poll results of the Democrat Party in Nevada, claiming every state is showing similar results, but Nevada is worse among all.

Even the Far-Left is Leaving Biden

Then came the Washington Post, whose columnist Perry Bacon Jr. wrote in an opinion piece that Bidenism is falling at a rapid pace.

In the same piece, he mentioned the poor approval rating of the president, which currently stands at 42 percent as per FiveThirtyEight’s latest poll.

Charles Blow, New York Times columnist, expressed he was shocked to see Biden’s approval rating at 33 percent in a recently conducted Quinnipiac University poll.

He asserted many Democrats believe this low approval rating came only in one survey. However, multiple surveys conducted by different sources are putting Biden’s approval ratings drastically low, the columnist added.

The most left-leaning channel and the mouthpiece of Biden, CNN, also turned against the president finally.

A CNN journalist revealed the president is standing in an alarmingly dangerous position when three out of four surveys show negative results about him.

The matter became worse for Biden when a far-left entity, New York Times Magazine, spoke against him.

According to the liberal writer Nikole Hannah-Jones, Biden failed to do everything that voters trusted him and installed him in office to do.