Liberal Media is Portraying Thanksgiving as a Genocidal Practice

As the nation observed the 400th anniversary of Thanksgiving, far-left media outlets and woke activists took it as an opportunity to criticize the event widely known for the collaboration between English settlers and Native Americans.

Many critics recommended vegan alternatives to turkey to help avert the “genocide.”

Liberal media attacks Americans’ culture of Thanksgiving

Kyle Smith, a New York Post columnist, recently noted in one of his articles the very impression that Thanksgiving portrays linguistic, racial, and cultural inclusiveness is wrong.

Smith wrote the event has foundations of hatred and plundering; so inviting relatives for dinner does not make much sense.

Likewise, he said if Americans want to honor Thanksgiving in its actual sense, they should whip themselves with wires all day. This was referring to the alleged brutalities perpetrated by English settlers on Native Americans.

A website specifically dedicated to environmental justice and climate change, Green Matters, published an article, writing the turkeys were not present for the first Thanksgiving meal.

Therefore, Green Matters thinks Americans should abandon this custom, considering the vegan alternatives to turkeys are more available than ever today.

Sophie Hirsh, the writer of the article, noted Americans kill almost 46 million turkeys on Thanksgiving, asserting the rationale behind this cruel tradition is not understandable.

In her bid to attack the Thanksgiving traditions, she advised Americans to stop consuming turkeys and adopt climate-friendly options.

Then comes Vicky Nguyen, an NBC News correspondent who advised people not to buy turkeys to avoid any possible inflation. She also encouraged people to drop guests off the list to bring the costs of the event down.

Michelle Shen, a liberal writer at USA Today, wrote in an article that some people think Thanksgiving is a story of cooperation between two groups with diverging interests. However, it actually depicts the resilience of the Native Americans who were brutally hurt by pilgrims back in the old times.

The New York Times also went bonkers in denouncing the true spirit of family gatherings this Thanksgiving. An essay published in the media outlet encouraged half-vaccinated kids to eat as quickly as possible to avoid fully vaccinated people getting COVID.

Wall Street Journal defies progressive demands to stop publishing Thanksgiving content

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal was pushed to not publish Thanksgiving articles from progressives who wanted to propagate their own narratives in the country.

The WSJ editorial board announced the newspaper would not succumb to any political pressure that may come from people wanting to perpetuate a specific ideology to the people.

Likewise, the board mentioned the people aligning with left-wing politics see everything with regard to identity politics, asserting the group views the whole history from a racial lens.

Recently, a petition on surfaced against the WSJ, demanding the publication to stop writing “17th-century racism in 2021.”