Liberal Media is Blaming Everyone EXCEPT Biden

The liberal media is trying to hide the ineffectiveness of the Biden administration in averting the Russia-Ukraine war by creating controversial commentary.

They are found beating around the bush while analyzing the possible reasons for the prevailing war.

Liberal media defies logic while defending Biden’s foreign policy

Many liberal commentators tied Ukraine’s conflict with US domestic issues.

For instance, the host and guests of “Meet the Press’’ noted Biden had an opportunity to mention the event of Bloody Sunday while discussing the Ukraine crisis in his speech.

Bloody Sunday was a historical event of 1965 when law enforcement agencies had a violent clash with voting rights activists when they were marching during the civil rights movement.

Host Chuck Todd suggested Biden did not connect the fight for democracy in Ukraine to the same fight in his own home.

MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross voiced her concerns along the same lines. While decrying the so-called “voter suppression” from Republicans, Cross noted Biden could have connected the lack of democracy in Ukraine with the same problem in America.

Likewise, some media outlets cried foul about climate deterioration, while analyzing the Ukraine-Russia war.

While justifying Biden’s initial decision not to ban Russian oil, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos stated climate change is an “existential crisis,” as he defended less drilling by the Biden administration.

Later on, Biden announced a ban on Russian oil imports. Some liberal political pundits undermined the rampant gas price hike in the United States.

As these prices crossed $4 per gallon on average in America for the first time in decades, liberal host Stephen Colbert noted he is willing to pay even “$15 per gallon,” if it is resulting in a “clean conscience.” 

Even though the lack of oil independence of America is driving up fuel prices under the Biden administration, CBC correspondents believe the president is not responsible for this price hike at pumps.

Trump is still living in liberal pundits’ minds

Despite oil experts recently busting Jen Psaki’s comments regarding the availability of public lands for oil production, CBS senior White House correspondent Weijia Jiang said oil companies have an option to increase domestic oil production, but they are still not utilizing it.

Other media pundits went to great lengths in defending Biden and ended up blaming former President Trump for the persisting chaos.

Whoopi Goldberg of “The View” mentioned that Trump would have handed Ukraine over to Russia, had the crisis happened during his tenure.

John Harwood of CNN noted Trump strengthened his terms with Russia, while weakening Ukraine, adding the Republican Party is still controlled by him.

The White House press secretary has already acknowledged Russia has a history of invading Ukraine when it sees Biden in power.

These controversial claims of liberal analysts left Fox News contributor Joe Concha in disbelief. He stated Trump is still living a “rent-free” life in the minds of these liberal pundits.