Liberal Media’s Fear-Mongering is Propagating Conspiracies

Far-left conspiracy theories are at their peak these days; the liberal media is equating Republicans’ win in the upcoming elections with the “death of democracy.”

Liberal Networks Propagating Conspiracies Against Republicans

Repetitive surveys have indicated American voters are inclining toward Republicans, amid a whole slate of crises induced by President Biden.

This is encouraging Democrats to propagate lies through mainstream media channels, the narrative of which is controlled by the party itself.

According to liberal media outlets, including CBS, MSNBC, and ABC News, alongside many Democrat politicians, democracy is dying in America. 

The former executive director of the Lincoln Project, Fred Wellman, launched a lethal attack on American values and culture.

He suggested “norms and traditions” will eventually end democracy in America. 

Jennifer Rubin wrote a column in the Washington Post, saying public trust in American institutions has been declining over the years, which is also triggering economic dislocation and inequality.

Thus, Rubin noted coronavirus is making the situation even worse, amid all of these crises, which is a threat to democracy in the country. 

Before writing this column, Rubin already warned the American system of democracy is fragile in nature.

When moderate Democrat Senator Joe Manchin refused to vote for Biden’s agenda of social spending, she claimed back then this was an attack on the democratic values of the United States, 

Rolling Stone also emphasized that Manchin was the man sabotaging American democracy. 

Liberals’ Hate of Republicans is Evident

Most often, Democrats get unproportionate air-time on media to criticize GOP policies and label them the enemy of democracy.

Donny Deutsch, a guest on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” stated democracy will be over if Democrats do not figure out a way to win the next elections.

According to him, putting McCarthy and Trump back in charge would undermine leftist efforts in America, so Democrats have to ensure their win in order to save the country.

Chris Hayes, an MSNBC colleague, made similar comments, adding that former President Trump is the “most active threat” being faced by American democracy at the moment.

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also echoed her concerns last year regarding a possible Republican win in the midterm elections. 

She claimed Americans “will not recognize our country” if someone like Trump wins the presidency once again and gets Congress to assist him in legislation.

Many other liberal political pundits are voicing their opinion along the same lines.

For instance, Nicolle Wallace, Rachel Maddow, and Joy Reid of MSNBC, alongside Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, believe Republicans will wrap up democracy in America after winning power again.

Some of them are even claiming it would be a “death” of democracy as Democrats are failing to protect the voting rights of Americans, which was the primary demand of many voters who sided with the party.