Liberal Media Facing Historical Viewership Crisis

Liberal media outlets are facing nosediving ratings and low viewership as Americans prefer conservative news channels in big numbers.

New reports reveal that Fox News crushed its competition completely to become the most-viewed channel across America.

Liberal Media Outlets Facing Existential Crisis

Last week, Fox News left behind its liberal competitors, CNN and MSNBC, for the 81st consecutive week.

The latest stats reveal Fox News had 1.4 million daily views on average in the last week, as its program, “The Five,” became the top trending program among all other cable network programs.

While Fox News beating CNN and MSNBC has become a normal day affair now, the conservative news channel is also crushing its other competitors. It is the 35th consecutive week that Fox News has become the most viewed TV channel across the United States.

Furthermore, Fox News managed to defeat its competition in prime time hours as well. The media outlet gathered 2.1 million views on average during the 8-11 p.m EST time slot last week.

Reportedly, Fox News’ primetime hours views are more than the views of CNN and MSNBC combined; both of these channels had 653,000 and 1.4 million views, respectively.

Surprisingly, Fox News successfully attracted an audience within the age group of 25-54 during prime time hours.

While 286,000 viewers, on average, between 25-54 years of age, tuned into the conservative news channel in prime time, only 138,000 such people watched CNN and 136,000 viewed MSNBC at the same time.

All Shows of Fox News Gave Nightmares to the Liberal Media

In addition to that, Fox News’s program “The Five” had 3.3 million views on average, which made it the most watched program all over the United States throughout the last week.

Other programs of the conservative news channel, including “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” “The Faulkner Focus,” and “Outnumbered” also attracted many eyeballs to help Fox News in crushing its competition.

Fox News’s morning show “Fox & Friends” also beat CNN and MSNBC morning shows for the 76th straight week. CNN’s CEO Chris Licht already indicated he can change the structure of CNN’s morning show “New Day” anytime soon.

Americans also tuned to Fox News over the weekend in big numbers, as “Cavuto Live” got 1.4 million views on Saturday. Fox News’s Sunday show “Sunday Morning Fortunes” attracted 1.6 million Americans to beat its competition.

Since the beginning of leftist propaganda, the viewership of the mainstream media has been declining at a rapid pace.

Last month, the New York Times reported that CNN’s profit would drop below $1 billion for the first time in years, due to plummeting viewership.

Low viewership and declining ratings are forcing the liberal media outlets to course correct. After seeing Fox News’s domination, Licht urged its company to stay away from opinion-based reporting so CNN can get back its lost reputation.