Liberal Media Election Bias Badly Exposed

Media outlets and Democratic campaign strategists are badly exposing their own election bias.

Even though Democrats helped the pro-Trump candidate in New Hampshire to win his primary elections, media outlets are hesitant to criticize Democrats for their controversial campaign tactic amid slamming the far-right candidate for winning the primaries.

Liberal Media Bias Continues on Elections

Democrats increased the visibility of New Hampshire Republican Senate Candidate Don Bolduc, using their controversial campaign tactics. 

In their bid to promote the election campaigns of far-right candidates, Democrats poured in a staggering amount of money to help Bolduc in winning his primary elections.

A Political Action Committee (PAC) associated with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer spent $3.2 million in pro-Bolduc advertisements, which helped the far-right candidate win his primaries.

Now, the same Democrats have started campaigning against Bolduc, as they are labeling him as a threat to American democracy.

David Axelrod, a chief campaign strategist of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, tweeted Bolduc’s victory signifies Republicans are not interested in winning the Senate majority this November.

Axelrod is also a senior political commentator on CNN, which also shows the media channel is sticking to promoting the Democrats’ narrative, despite their nosediving ratings.

Now, Democrats are portraying Bolduc as a pro-Trump entity and MAGA supporter.

Political insiders believe Democrats are now demonizing Bolduc’s campaign because his defeat will make people believe Democrats managed to demolish the whole MAGA agenda.

Media Criticizing Republicans For the Sake of it

Conservative media outlets are suggesting Democrats’ efforts gave unprecedented visibility to Bolduc’s campaign, as he was not expected to attract enough eyeballs otherwise.

Meanwhile, moderate political insiders are asking Democrats why they are trying to boost the candidacy of a far-right nominee if Trump’s election fraud narrative was really a lie.

According to moderate commentators, even if pro-Trump candidates give no competition to Democrats in the November elections, people will still know their political beliefs.

This is eventually detrimental to Democrats’ ideology and the American Constitution.

Some anti-Trump journalists are so obsessed with the GOP that they are finding a way to criticize even Republicans who accepted the 2020 election results.

For instance, Chris Cillizza of CNN, who previously slammed 2020 election deniers, is even lashing out at Bolduc, who has finally acknowledged the 2020 election was not stolen.

Bolduc previously claimed Trump won the 2020 election, but recently, even Bolduc asserted he reached the conclusion that Biden is, unfortunately, the legitimate president of the United States.

Despite Bolduc’s attempt to accept election results, Cillizza slammed Bolduc, claiming many Republican candidates are changing their positions on controversial issues after winning their primary election in order to lure voters for their November races.

So, Cillizza continued, voters should not believe in the hypocrisy of Republicans who are changing their stances on partisan issues.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.