Liberal Media Caught Red-Handed for Conspiring Against Republicans

Democratic leadership in different states is colluding with liberal media outlets to wage a messaging war against Republicans.

While on the one hand, they are extending leftist policies by going against data, on the other, they are deteriorating the reputation of conservative politicians and public officeholders through their false campaigns.

How Democrats are promoting their fake news

Kathy Hochul, a Democrat governor from New York, recently extended her so-called COVID-19 “emergency” up to March 16.

She stated new hospitalizations are increasing and reached almost 300 new admissions per day over the last month in the state. While the absolute numbers the governor told were ostensibly correct, they showed only half of the picture.

Allysia Finley, the Wall Street Journal’s writer, pointed out these numbers have dropped from 2,100 per day to 300 new hospitalizations per day from early January; this suggests hospitalizations from the pandemic have been declining massively.

The same sort of falsified story was perpetuated by the editorial board of the Washington Post, which accused Attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton of “targeting trans kids in Texas.”

In reality, the attorney general was aiming to protect children of his state by undermining the use of puberty-suppressing hormones so that child abuse could be avoided.

New report shows widespread rigging in 2020 elections.

Since the conclusion of the 2020 election, Democrats have been saying continuously that any claim of widespread voter fraud in the elections was bogus.

The liberal media is bandwagoning with this leftist narrative; however, the latest report issued by the Wisconsin Office of the Special Counsel exposed discrepancies in the elections.

According to the OSC lead investigator Michael Gableman, lawmakers should “take a very hard look” to decertify Biden’s victory in the state. Gableman added “numerous questionable and unlawful actions’’ were found in the 2020 election.

No major media outlet broke the news.

Reportedly, a leftist organization named Center for Tech and Civic Life, heavily funded by the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, played a role in violating Wisconsin election law, which helped Democrats in clinching the state.

Even though some Democrats claim they want increased participation of parents in their children’s study affairs, the reality suggests otherwise.

In Virginia, Democrats opposed a bill that would give parents access to sexually explicit classroom material.

Although the bill was approved as Republicans overwhelmingly supported it, it depicts the sharp contrast between Democrats’ messaging and their actual actions. Last Tuesday, Biden delivered a State of Union address, in which he claimed he was tough on Russia.

However, he did not mention Russian unilateral aggression against Ukraine was due to the delayed response of his administration in putting sanctions against the Cold War foe.

In addition to this, the president failed to mention the lack of oil independence of America is giving Russia much-needed leverage in the conflict that has shattered the whole of Europe.