Liberal Media Calls Republicans “Evil”

Liberal journalists are declaring Republicans as the enemy of the United States and asking Democrats to go to war with the GOP.

One such radical journalist, Roland Martin, claimed Democrats are at war with Republicans, as all conservatives are equally evil.

Liberal Journalist Declares Civil War in America

Speaking on an MSNBC show, Martin praised Biden for his Thursday speech. Here, the president slammed MAGA Republicans and called them a threat to American democracy in the presence of military personnel. 

Even though most mainstream media outlets schooled Biden for politicizing the military, Martin claimed Biden did a commendable job by stopping Trump’s evil.

When Martin was lashing out at Republicans, liberal host Tiffany Cross enticed him further by playing a clip from Biden’s speech. Here, the president criticized those Republicans who believe the FBI’s raid on Trump’s residence would create chaos in the country.

While Biden did not mention any specific Republican in his comments, he was potentially referring to Senator Lindsey Graham’s remarks, which claimed American streets could see riots if the DOJ tries to prosecute Trump.

After playing Biden’s clip, Cross invited Martin to denounce mainstream Republicans, instead of MAGA Republicans, adding every member of the GOP is creating equal chaos in the country.

Responding to this, Martin referred to Pastor Charles Jenkins’s song, named “War,” mentioning Democrats are also at war with Republicans.

According to Martin, Democrats should treat Republicans in a way Jenkins told people to respond to the war in his song. In his famous song, Jenkins claimed people should not back off when the attackers attack them during the war.

Martin Asked Biden to Denounce Republicans More Forcefully

Furthermore, Martin accused Trump of leading the evil movement in the Republican Party, which is making all Republicans evil.

Likewise, the liberal journalist advised Biden to start denouncing Republicans’ evil more frequently, asking him to stop being weak and impotent.

In addition to that, Martin noted Republicans only want to rig elections, which helps them with destroying American democracy.

Martin, who is a firm Trump critic, also slammed CNN anchors who criticized Biden for his MAGA speech in the presence of Marine personnel.

When Jeff Zeleny, CNN’s chief national affairs correspondent, denounced Biden for breaking presidential norms and delivering a partisan speech in front of the military, Martin claimed Jeff was promoting nonsense, as Trump himself broke many presidential norms.

These infuriated comments from Martin came at a time when recent polls have already indicated America could see a major civil war in the next ten years.

As per the latest Economist/YouGov polls, almost 43% of Americans believe the country is heading toward a civil war that could erupt in the next decade.

Since the beginning of Biden’s presidency, the political bifurcation in the country significantly increased, which is creating more division within Americans, the polls added.