Liberal Media Acknowledged Manipulating News Story Against Republicans 

New York Times columnist Charles Blow misquoted Florida’s Stop Woke Act before it was signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis.

Eventually, the New York Times ended up admitting the writer’s fault and issuing a correction in the next day’s paper.

Liberal Media Outlet Admitted It Propagated Lies Against Republicans

When Democrats were busy orchestrating the curriculum of schools nationwide, Florida’s “Stop Woke Act” was supposed to save white students from any unnecessary guilt based on their skin tone.

However, a liberal writer of the New York Times wrote in his column that the bill was aimed to teach that making someone guilty should be banned.

A day later, the paper admitted that Blow “mischaracterized” the bill intended to ban critical race theory.

According to the correction, the Florida bill was supposed to ban lessons where students can feel guilty about their color, race, national origin, or sex, as they will be taught people with the same identity committed a mistake in the past.

Actual students who did not do anything wrong could undergo psychological distress because of the actions of their predecessors.

By eliminating a portion of the bill’s text, which was justifying the ban on critical race theory, Blow manipulated the news to appeal to his liberal audience.

However, even after the New York Times correction, Blow’s column still remained the same; only a couple of words were changed, which still did not clarify the context.

Blow is a seasonal liberal journalist who mostly writes against Republicans with a special focus on the Florida governor.

For instance, he labeled DeSantis as Donald Trump “2.0.” Similarly, the writer also compared the policies of DeSantis with Jim Crow laws that used to discriminate against people of color.

Liberal Journalists Intentional Orchestrate Stories

Due to liberal hegemony in the media, most of Republicans’ bills are not communicated to the audience as they are. Instead, the media uses misinformation campaigns against these bills to further Democrats’ interests.

Just like the Parental Rights in Education Bill, the Stop Woke Act also came under liberals’ scrutiny and misinformation.

For instance, the US’s largest trade union for public employees American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) claimed the passage of this bill would ban the teaching of critical historical concepts, like the Holocaust and slavery.

However, this turned out not to be true.

While defending the contents of the bill, the press secretary of DeSantis, Christina Pushaw, claimed leftists intentionally rely on misinformation campaigns to “fabricate false narratives.”

According to her, most Americans support commonsense legislation that is actually supposed to save them from discriminatory teachings.

Although Pushaw was not surprised about their column of Blow, she did claim the correction in New York Times was surprising for her; most liberal media outlets do not even bother to do that.